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Overcoming vaginismus is a healing adventure of breaking The Cycle Of Pain. That's why I've put together an online journey to help you jumpstart that process.

It's my gift to you and you can get access to it right now.
Overcoming vaginismus is a healing adventure of breaking The Cycle Of Pain. That's why I've put together an online journey to help you jumpstart that process.

It's my gift to you and you can get access to it right now.
Katrin with Love
Helping you put vaginismus in the past, for good
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Your Pain Free And Intimate Life
This is the beginning of the end to your vaginismus journey
Whether you were given a name to your painful experiences just a week ago, have been at the whim of the body response of vaginismus for many years now, or suspect this is what’s going on based on your research online…

You've found the right place.

Overcoming vaginismus is a healing adventure of breaking The Cycle Of Pain. That's why I've put together an online journey to help you jumpstart that process.

It's my gift to you and you can get access to it right now.
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Putting Vaginismus In The Past is FREE
I would just like to say I am glad I have found you!

The Putting Vaginismus In The Past course has helped me so much.

I am so much more positive about vaginismus and I feel I can overcome it. It’s made me think about everything so much differently and for someone who was too scared to even try, I am so much more positive about overcoming it. It’s had such a great effect on me that I decided to purchase the whole Pain Free and Intimate Recipe.

I have new found energy to overcome vaginismus and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for helping me understand ME better.

– A. (26 years old, Birmingham, UK)
Thank you so much for being a voice to us. It was through you I realized I had vaginismus when I came across an article.” - Talulah (18 years old, Manchester, UK)
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To anyone that is experiencing vaginismus: grab any resource you can get your hands on from Katrin
Katrin, thank you for your sharing your informative book and all of your generous resources. I felt like everything was written specifically for me. 

I’ve done a lot of research on vaginismus and I’ve never found resources quite like yours and the resources I found previously were always written from doctors or “professionals” that never went through vaginismus themselves. Hearing from someone that has personally gone through everything I’ve been through brought a new sense of hope to me. 

To anyone that is experiencing vaginismus: grab any resource you can get your hands on from Katrin. You will find a new sense of encouragement from doing this. 

Katrin, thank you again for all of your love, compassion, and vulnerability.

- Anonymous
Katrin is here to answer any questions you have and support you in any way
I looked for treatment and support for many years for my primary vaginismus. When I found Katrin’s page, I was overjoyed because I had felt like I was completely alone. There was someone who was boldly talking about vaginismus!

Katrin is here to answer any questions you have and support you in any way. She’s truly an invaluable resource! 

- Tara (26 years old, Dover, USA)
Vaginismus Is Devastating. Wouldn't You Agree?
Dear diary,
I never thought I could feel so alone. I'm losing hope and don't know who to turn to anymore...

I thought I could be strong! I promised myself I would be. But this pain is getting to be unbearable. 

If only I could be normal...

I want to enjoy sex like everyone else! My jealousy of other women has been growing and I can't help it...

I just want to be worthy of love.

What if I never am?

I seriously need a way out of this or I might go insane. Vaginismus has turned into my worst nightmare.

Can I get through this?
Is This You...?
You say no to meeting up with girlfriends anymore because you can't stand the conversation going to sex.
You want to be happy for their AH-mazing sex lives, you really do, but every time it's mentioned, you're reminded of the blatant emptiness you feel inside knowing their wild amounts of pleasure feels like only pain for you.

You barely hold yourself together as you get dressed and make your way out of the doctor's office.
How in the WORLD do people get through these pelvic exams and are just 'fine' after?! It makes no sense to you why your body is acting in this way - your butt was literally lifting off the table trying to avoid the cold, piercing touch of the speculum. Even though consciously you told yourself that THIS time, you'll figure out a way to just get through it, you just couldn't. And though you thought pushing through the pain was the best option here, you absolutely NEVER want to do that again. 

You see your partner doing his best to support you, to show his love, but you can see in his eyes that something is missing that you just can't provide.
And you're feeling incredible amounts of guilt for not being able to have a full and complete sex life with him. Sometimes you are so convinced that he deserves better and you're simply not good enough, that you're on the verge of breaking up. Every time you talk about it, he talks you out of it, but you don't know how much longer that game will go for.

Every time your partner is inside you, you fight back your tears of agony.
You press him against your chest so he can't see the pain written all over your face. You wish things would be different but you just want HIM to be happy and you can't risk losing this relationship. So you grit your teeth through the pain and try to mentally escape the moment. You count down the minutes and seconds until it's over so you can roll on your side and try to sleep the pain away. 

You lay in bed in tears, with your slimy dilator by your side again.
Disappointed that it didn't go fully yet again, and the little bit that it did had you feeling like someone lit a fire inside your vagina. The burning is indescribable and you simply can't understand how these dilators are meant to be helpful if they're only causing you pain! There must be something you're missing, but every time you've tried to talk to someone about what is going on with your body, you've been met with blanks stares or worse, the 'you just need to learn how to relax' line. You get off your bed, wash the lubricant off your dilator and put it back in the dark drawer where it belongs.

You feel like the tightness in your body is getting worse every day.
Even though you're not consciously aware of the tight muscles between your legs, each attempt at penetration is a reminder of what's really going on. What's most noticeable is the pain you're feeling in your jaw, neck, shoulders, back and even hips and knees and you don't know how much longer you can go with this constant discomfort in your body.

You see couples with little kids at the park and you heart drops.
You feel hopeless about being able to have penetrative sex to get pregnant in the first place and let's not talk about pushing a baby out of your vagina! You want to be a mother so bad, and the unknown of building a family is starting to be unbearable.

You feel like your body is betraying you and you hate that you can't seem to 'just relax' like your doctor told you.
You tried their other recommendation to  have a glass of wine, and even a bottle, but nothing could drown out the physical pain of penetration. Even a tampon can't go in and when you go to sleep at night, you can't help but think that you're failing as a woman... You're starting to lose faith in yourself.

Every day, you think of how MAYBE you should freeze your eggs.
Your fertility clock is ticking and having kids of your own is starting to feel even less attainable. If you don't figure this out and put an end to this pain, you may never make your dream of a happy family come true. And you fear that even your partner would leave you to pursue someone who can be the mother of his children. In 5 years and even in 10 years, you would be alone, wishing things were different. Cursing vaginismus and everything it has ruined.
On Relationships
On Dilating
On Medical Professionals
This Is What Vulva Owners Who Experience Vaginismus Are Saying...
On Dating

"I've been rejecting everyone because I'm so terrified of talking about my condition".

"I avoid any touching so that I wouldn't have to think of it leading further. The anxiety is so real."

"I'm scared that if I find an amazing guy he’s going to leave me because I'm not good enough."

"I have been aware that I suffer from vaginismus for about 10 years now. I made a few attempts with partners. They were a TOTAL fail. I would involuntarily close my legs and push the guy away."

"I wonder if I'm ever going be sexually active. I just want to have a normal sex life and feel this erotic pleasure people rave so much about."
On Relationships

"I feel like such a pathetic girlfriend and it's ruining my life."

"I'm seriously considering leaving my husband because I feel I'm being unfair to him and he deserves better. Feelings of shame and guilt overwhelm me."

"He's convinced I'm trying to 'sabotage our relationship'."

"My husband lost all connection with me, abuses and insults me. This vaginismus has killed me."

"I wonder if I have to forget about the idea of having a baby... I think it’s not meant to be for me."

"In the last year, my libido has plummeted. I have ZERO sex drive and am too tired to even attempt to like it."
On Relationships
On Self-Image

"Feeling very down today, my self-esteem is on the floor. I feel I'm not a real woman, like I don't deserve to feel or to act sexy."

"I was taught that sex was dirty and shameful, so I was never allowed to talk about it."

"I thought getting drunk would make me feel better but now I just feel worse. Why can't I just be normal?"

"Everyone was telling me there is nothing wrong and that I should 'just relax'." 

"I swear I never feel 'in the mood'. I think it’s just natural when you associate sex or any sexual interaction as pain!"

"I can't help but feel envious when my girlfriends talk about their amazing sex lives..."
On Dilating

"No lube has ever been able to help this wall that I put up. I have never been able to insert anything down there."

"I've been trying to dilate and open up but it hurts and it's SO uncomfortable. I wonder is it always going to be this hard. Why is it so tight?!"

"After years of not being able to insert anything, I was able to insert the first and second dilator, but feel a strong burning sensation. It stops only when the dilator is removed or a while after that."

"I always get nauseous and my heart races whenever I try to insert anything or touch that area. I even fainted once while trying with a tampon."

"I look at the five-piece dilator set and try to imagine how these pieces of plastic can erase nearly four years of painful sex."
On Dilating
On Intercourse

"I'm scared I'll never experience satisfying sex in my life. I want to know what pleasure feels like inside."

"He keeps saying I just need to 'push through' it and 'wear it in'."

"Nearly twenty minutes in, we barely got his head through my entrance. The whole time, my vagina felt like it's being stabbed."

"I gritted through the pain. When he finished, I was in tears. I just wanted to satisfy him."

"About once a month when we do have sex, the pain is so bad that afterward, it hurts to sit. And I'm almost too sore to walk."

"I wish it was over before it even starts."
On Medical Professionals

"I saw many doctors before I found ONE that knew the condition."

"None of the doctors I've been to seemed to know about vaginismus and when I would make them stop because I was in pain, they got mad at me."

I can only have a pap smear if I'm sedated."

"My gynaecologist thinks 'it's all in my head'. She told me to try to relax."

"I nearly drank myself to death when I was 18 years old trying to cure myself of this. My doctor had suggested I try drinking to calm my nerves."

"My doctor said my body's just not ready and that 'all I can do is wait'."

"My doctor assumed I had an STD and recommended to 'be more careful and limit my partners to one'."
On Medical Professionals
What If You Could Find Freedom?
What if...
  • Intercourse no longer meant pain but screamed pleasure?
  • You no longer had to hide or feel alone?
  • You said goodbye to anxiety, sadness and depression?
  • You were no longer embarrassed and misunderstood?
  • Your feelings of being broken and frustrated disappeared?
  • You went from self-conscious to confident and seductive?
  • You provoked sex, just because you wanted to?
  • You had someone to talk to who understands your pain?
  • You actually looked forward to having intercourse?
  • You got in touch with your femininity and sexual prowess?
  • You came out of this empowered and excited to be intimate?
  • You attracted a loving partner who's proud of your strength?
  • You brought the spice back to the bedroom?
  • The choice of having kids was completely up to you?
  • You were at peace and felt that you are enough?
  • You felt happy and complete again?
How does all of that sound?
Click below if you are ready to take the first step in putting vaginismus in the past!
THIS Can Be You!
You're kissing on the couch and can fully relax and surrender into the experience.
All that's on your mind is how much you want him inside of you. And you know you don't have to wait! You don't need to be careful, or go slow anymore. A quickie is possible for you now and you love that you can get turned on and take him in so quickly and effortlessly. It's like your body wants it as much as YOU do!

Every morning as you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel like your body is on YOUR team.
In fact, you love it and all the pleasure it has helped you experience. You feel like the past pain between your legs is a distant memory and it has been overshadowed by all of the deep orgasms you've felt during penetrative sex experiences! You're so grateful you stuck through the healing journey and came out on the other side.

At  social gatherings, you welcome any and all flirting with potential partners because you now have nothing to be afraid of.
You can have one night stands if you wanted to! EASY. And you never again have to wonder how and when to tell a date about the limitations to the kinds of sex you can have together. Your sexual debut with each partner can happen as spontaneously as you want it to!

You're walking out of your doctor's office, feeling like a BOSS!
Another pain-free pelvic exam in the books. Yeah, the medical system is flawed in many ways and has let you down countless times, but none of that matters anymore. Even while laying on those far from sexy crinkly paper sheets at the doctor's office, you know how to relax your pelvic floor muscles at your will and allow the speculum inside you with no pain whatsoever. 

You can wholeheartedly participate in any and every conversation about sex with your friends.
When sex comes up in conversation, you not only listen with curiosity, but are dying of excitement to share your own pleasurable experiences. You even get aroused as all the juicy love-making moments replay in your mind and you take your time choosing which stories to share. Your girlfriends are wide-eyed and listen with awe, perhaps secretly wishing their love life could be as fun as yours!

It's Valentine's Day and you can't wait to surprise your long-term partner with the sexy lingerie you bought yourself you decided to be adventurous with tonight.
A couple of new sex positions on the menu that you KNOW are going to feel amazing for both of you. You seductively approach him with playful confidence and can't wait to expand your horizons when it comes to what's possible for you in the bedroom. With penetration being a regular event on the menu of your sex life, the possibilities of sex have taken incredibly adventurous twists and turns lately and you're loving the sex goddess you've become.

Your partner is cuddling you in bed after an amazing hour of sex, with all the touching, kissing and penetration that you shared.
Your head rests on his shoulder and his hand caresses your inner thigh and he tells you how beautiful you are. And this time, you whole-heartedly believe him. You're SO in love with him in this moment and realize that you've finally fallen in love with yourself and your body in the same way. You ARE beautiful and you know it.

You wake up to a little munchkin slowly opening your door and climbing into bed with you and your husband.
You squeeze your daughter's tiny hand are are so grateful to have her in your life. You can't even imagine life without her. She hugs you tight, you feel her warmth against your skin and she tells you in the most beautiful voice you've ever known, "I love you, mommy." THAT unparalleled love is what you'll live for for the rest of your days.
On Relationships
On Dilating
On Medical Professionals
Now is the time to create this beautiful life for yourself.
So much of this pain was unnecessary if you only had the right guidance and support...

What you needed is someone to deeply care for you. To helping you break the Cycle of Pain and climb out of the slippery slope you've been stuck in. You needed someone to guide you in the emotional healing journey of it all, so you can let go of your past and create a fresh sleight for a pain-free future! You needed to be taught HOW to gain awareness and control of your pelvic floor muscles so they would stop contracting against your will. To release the built-up tension that has tainted your love life for so long. And equally importantly, to learn how to avoid it building up again!

You just needed that love and support. And you deserve it ALL.

You deserve to rediscover your self-love and sexual confidence. To create an amazing intimate relationship with yourself - rooted in safety, self-acceptance and love. Compassion AND passion! 

A sex life, free of shame, suppression and physical pain CAN be yours! A sex life that is pleasurable! WILDLY pleasurable in fact, more than you ever thought possible.

YOU deserve to put vaginismus in your past, for good.
People Have Overcome Vaginismus! This Is How They Feel About Their Newfound Sexual Freedom
"After a huge struggle, I can finally say that my vaginismus is cured!! I can have easy, enjoyable PIV! Haven't been this happy in so long!!"

"We were finally able to have sex in different positions which I think means we don’t have to go to physical therapy again!! And it wasn’t even painful!! We have 3 1/2 positions down whoo!"

"My husband and I had pain free sex!! I can’t believe it!! It started out rough at first but then we took a break and when he went back in... no pain. Insane! Here I am, having sex with my husband, and it gets better every day!"

"I didn't think it would actually be THIS good!!"

"I had severe vaginismus and was cured after over 25 years of suffering. Never give up hope. If I could do it, you can too!"
"I got engaged! I am so lucky to have such a loving and compassionate fiancé who has supported me with my vaginismus, countless failed attempts at PIV, and so many nights that ended with me sobbing in tears from the excruciating pain. I'm still not cured, but we're working together to get there someday. Prior to dating him, I worried that no one would want to 'stick with me' because I was 'broken'. So if you're feeling frustrated or worried, just know that you are SO deserving of love no matter where you are in your journey."

"I can’t believe I just had pain free sex after 4.5 years! My struggle now seems like a distant memory."

"Tonight I managed to have PIV! Minimum pain just for a few moments until he got in. I was hopeless and with this dilator kit I managed to have sex and even enjoy it!! There is hope!"
"I am able to easily insert large dilators pain free! PAIN FREE! My depression and anxiety have eased so much and I feel encouraged, empowered and in charge of my own body - for the first time in my life!"

"I'm 110% "cured. Threw those things in the trash years ago and never looked back. The road to get there was majorly difficult. But rest assured that it's totally possible."

"Last month I successfully had intercourse and have been doing so since! I'm now dating someone who I love and trust very much and we have intercourse, like, constantly. Even when I imagined pain free intercourse I never imagined that it would feel so good and have no discomfort. I cry a little just thinking about how amazed I am that this is happening for me... I just want to say that it's possible even if you can't imagine it right now."
"I'm five months pregnant with our first! When I first started my journey, I was single, felt unlovable, could use tampons, but would freak out at the mere sight of the dilators I bought. I left them in their pouch for months.

I decided to get informed and I learned to love my body, my overly protective vagina and renamed certain body parts to reframe my mindset. It soon became clear that vaginismus is more than just 'a vagina in panic'. It's a whole body, mind and soul in panic, and if I was to heal, I needed to heal holistically. This meant making peace with myself, my past, men and sexuality.

There is hope and those sort of wonders are real! You have the strength in you to overcome vaginismus, but you need to have courage, face it and do the work you've been running away from this whole time. It's so worth it."
"For all you ladies still struggling, keep up the hope! I thought I'd be broken forever and I would just never have an enjoyable sex life, but now I do! "My insecurities are suddenly melting away."

"We managed to have sex last night!! We went away for the evening and I really wasn't expecting it to happen."

"I was able to get past years of vaginismus in about 3 months, to the point where I am having PAIN FREE PIV sex, enjoyable oral sex, using tampons (for the first time in my 31-year-old life), and recently had a successful, and dare I say, easy, pap smear. My gynaecologist has since 'un-diagnosed' me from vaginismus! A big part of the healing was talking about the process with an inner circle of close women friends, sharing my progress with them, as well as writing about it. Sending my love and support to my fellow women dealing with pelvic pain. You can do this."
You Deserve It!
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