Do It For You, Not For Anyone Else: Susana’s Story

The first time I’ve heard the word vaginismus I was 35 years old and I was not able to practice intercourse.

By then, I was having a nice life in Barcelona, where I am from, living with my ex-boyfriend, enjoying my family and friends and with an exciting role in a womenswear fashion retail company.

Even though I had everything in life, at the same time I felt like I didn’t have anything – I was sad and frustrated. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I was feeling alone and unique in the world, in a bad way. So I went to a sexologist and she helped me a lot to understand my body, which is a lot! But I didn’t get further than that.

The key moment for me was when I started to talk about my problem!

Then, one of my friends was my saviour as she found the physiotherapist who afterwards helped me to find the solution to my vaginismus. That’s was an amazing moment!

It was a revelation to understand what I had! Just that my vagina’s muscles were tight!

My friend found my therapist through a major newspaper interview and I started the treatment the next day. After 3 months practicing with dildos, exercises and breathing techniques, I overcame my vaginismus and I was the happiest of the world. Still I am!

By then, I didn’t have a partner, but even still I managed to explore sex, wear a tampon and go to the gynaecologist!

One thing I can say is, do it for you, not for anyone else!

Nowadays I feel happy with myself and with my body, am happily married and on the IVF journey… That’s a different story. I feel proud of myself for how far I’ve come and that I’m able to communicate and express my story, all in order to avoid anyone to suffer again!

I feel good about spreading awareness and in addition, I am also supporting several ladies who suffer vaginismus.

It’s so rewarding… I wish I had that when I was in that journey, so now I’m making this support available to you.

Remember 👉

To find out more about me and to follow along with my IVF journey, please check out my Instagram @eat.sleep.succeed.

To summarize…

If you suffer vaginismus, you can overcome it! It’s not an easy journey, it depends on you.

You are not alone and it is really worth it!

As Katrin would say… Start putting vaginismus in the past!

– Susana