How To Overcome Vaginismus – The Map

This is a continuation of a conversation that started with the 5 Core Principles of Success (The Secret Sauce). If you haven’t been introduced to them yet, please begin here.

Now that you’re all caught up…

Let’s continue with the 2nd core principle…

The Map

The map is the carefully outlined road to recovery created by The Mentor, based on her own experience of success.

She is the best person to create it since she has walked the road herself and has learned from her triumphs.

The Map paints a clear picture of the path from where you are now to where you want to be…

It’s the structure that packages up the mentor’s knowledge and experience into a manageable plan of action.

It outlines which obstacles to anticipate, how to overcome them and even provides shortcuts to some challenges along the way.

The map helps you learn from the mentor’s mistakes.

The map alone won’t get you to your final destination though. That’s why you need the 3rd core principle of success… Practice.

– Katrin, with Love