I Felt Immediately At Ease In Speaking With Katrin – She Was A Calming Presence And Had A Wealth Of Knowledge That She Shared Generously

As a professional and someone that also has been on the journey of healing from vaginismus, I appreciated the opportunity to connect with a fellow helper and healer.

I was fortunate in that I was connected to appropriate and helpful providers early on in my diagnosis, but I truly don’t know how many years I struggled with vaginismus before I was aware that there was an issue. Throughout my own healing journey, I have recognized that resources supporting this condition are sparse and that educated care providers are far and few between. I have decided that I would like to dedicate my counseling practice to being a part of the solution and provide competent care to those struggling with vaginismus and other pelvic pain challenges. 

During our consultation, I felt immediately at ease in speaking with Katrin – she was a calming presence and had a wealth of knowledge that she shared generously. 

I wish that those experiencing vaginismus find connection to a healing support system that is educated and prepared to assist them. There’s no one way to healing for anyone and the more providers we can have aware of these issues, the more tools and support we can cultivate for those that are struggling. 

I would recommend that anyone struggling with vaginismus reach out to Katrin to connect and find support within the beautiful online community she has created. 

– Samantha (29 years old, Chicago, USA)