I Now Understand That I Need To Deal With The Emotional Side Of Vaginismus Before The Physical

Thank you so much for our chat last week.

After experiencing vaginismus for many, many years your 3 day Masterclass sparked some new hope inside of me.

I decided it was time and when I saw on Instagram that you had a last minute slot for a consultation, I knew that I just had to go ahead and book it despite feeling scared.

I found it really comforting finally talking to someone who has walked in my shoes.

I was anxious beforehand (sweating, heart beating) but soon relaxed as you are completely non judgemental, kind and positive and you just have so much knowledge.

I now understand that I need to deal with the emotional side of vaginismus before the physical which is not something I had heard from medical professionals previously.

I am proud of myself for taking this next step. I am strong and with my husbands help (and your valuable support) I can do this.

I knew before our meeting that the 1-on-1 journey was something that appealed to me and after speaking to you, it confirmed it. 

– Lisa (35 years old, UK)