I’m Relieved I Could Open Up

I really enjoyed our consultation.

You helped me unravel many problems that were connected to vaginismus without me consciously knowing and gave specific ideas for how to approach my concerns. I also liked how you took the time to answer each of my questions. I know I’m long-winded, so thank you for your patience!

I’m relieved I could open up, because I usually don’t feel comfortable enough to open up to people… However, I felt that you could relate and understood my struggles and shame with vaginismus. Now I just have to build up the courage/time to apply what we discussed to my life.

And Katrin, I just wanted to say I am shocked and surprised how amazing your video training was!!

I’m so blessed I found you on Google and signed up for your emails of hope and completed your training!!

I always look forward to reading all your emails.. They are so deep and I learn so much.. They help me to understand vaginismus in a way that I’ve never thought of it, as well as how to approach the healing process.

I am afraid to start the process, especially dilating, but I’ve learned so much about myself. I’m so glad that I have somebody that I can talk to that understands what it’s like to have vaginismus – it’s such a blessing that you actually reply to your emails as well, because I have subscribed for other emails, and no human reply! So thank you!!

– Anonymous