It Took Me Two Months After Completing Katrin’s Free Course To Successfully Manage Pain Free And Pleasurable Penetrative Sex

I have watched your three Masterclass videos as part of your ‘Putting Vaginismus in the Past’ course and I just want to say thank you.

Thank you so much for your free course. ​It has honestly changed my healing journey. 

I don’t have a lot of spare money right now so thank you so much for letting me access it for free.

Thank you also for normalising what felt like a very isolating experience in the past. I think both you and what you do is wonderful and I wanted to let you know!

Here’s a summary of what my path looked like…

I begun my dilator journey and it went so well.​ ​I continued on my emotional and physical healing journey with her wise words and guidance under my belt. 

I began to feel hopeful, more confident and much more connected to myself, both my mind and my body.

It took me two months after completing Katrin’s free course to successfully manage pain free AND pleasurable penetrative sex with my boyfriend.
Katrin’s friendly, knowledgable and kind approach made me believe that I could take action and break my cycle of pain. It took a lot of dedication, self love and patience but I am exactly where I want to be. 

I faced some demons I had in my closet as part of the emotional healing, as well as filling myself with as much positivity and love as possible. I adopted a positive and patient mind set with my dilating journey and listened to when my body needed a break. I also stretched and used the techniques she shared to release deep held muscle tension. 

But most importantly I persisted and believed I could do it. 

Katrin’s course gave me all the tools to start my healing journey and after two months of persistence and hard work it has all been so worth it. 

I feel so free now I know pain free and pleasurable penetrative sex is possible, that healing is possible. 

I cannot recommend Katrin’s ‘Putting Vaginismus In The Past’ course enough! 

Thank you Katrin!

– Anna (26 years old, UK)