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By freeing the lover and muse within
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I am falling in love with myself more and more, listening to you.

– Anonymous

United Kingdom

The parts of you who desire a life based in liberation, love and leadership can find a home in Katrin’s world..

As a sexual liberation mentor who has overcome painful sex and supports fellow vaginismus sisters in doing the same, Katrin has a deep understanding of how survival strategies of the mind and subtle protective mechanisms of the body can sneakily keep us living a life by default.

As a fellow entrepreneur who had been building her business at the expense of her joy, she is here to walk with you as you re-discover your unique signature of play, pleasure and purpose! As you create a life by design. She gently calls you into your creative zone of genius and lifts you up as you bravely build your legacy from a place of aliveness and erotic overflow!

Katrin believes that your power is born out of your deepest pain and that the Liberated & In Love Woman within you already has all the answers to guide you in your personal reclamation in the realms of sex, love, relationships and entrepreneurship. She is here to walk with you as you re-discover your truth and bravely walk this path home to yourself.

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An experience of embodied wisdom that invites our bodies, hearts and minds into the new identity of the Liberated & In Love Woman.

Bold, thought-provoking teachings that holistically connect the dots on sex, love, relationships and entrepreneurship

Immersive somatic experiences that address the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of building your legacy and creating a life by design

Convenient access to a loving, like-minded community of women living against the grain