Talking During Our Consultation Was The Beginning Of A Shift For Me

I just want to say talking with you during our consultation was the beginning of a shift for me.

I’m on to the biggest dilator of the original set I bought which is one of the hard plastic ones so not the easiest. I know I’ve a way to go with this one but I never thought I’d get there and have to say am really loving the self care routines I’ve carved through dilating. 

I can feel the overall impact on my anxiety levels
and just feel like I’m listening to myself and my
body more giving it what it needs and most importantly learning to slow down. 

Incorporating my partner with the dilating will be the next thing and I know that’s going to bring its own challenges but I feel hopeful because I feel I’m more in touch with myself and my body and what it needs to feel relaxed and safe. So thanks! 

Really appreciate the content you share on your Instagram @vaginismus.sisters too – I always slow down when it appears in my stories. Thanks for sharing your journey and wisdom to help so many others.

– Anonymous (33 years old, Ireland)