The Emotional Work We Did Prior To Any Physical Work Was A Key In My Successes With Katrin

Before working with Katrin I had a lot of anxiety surrounding sex and dating. I felt as though I couldn’t fully connect with friends, because I was missing out on a big part of being a woman!

I knew it was finally time to get help when I came across Katrin’s instagram page. She made getting over vaginismus look very possible for me. In our 4 months working together, Katrin has always been someone I could turn to about things related to vaginismus that I would never have communicated to anyone else. 

The emotional work we did prior to any physical work was a key in my successes with Katrin. 

I was surprised to learn how many life experiences had contributed to my fear of painful sex! I started to emotionally heal from past events, which then allowed me to change my perspective of internal penetration from very scary to a lot more possible. This led to many wins throughout my dilating journey (not without its hiccups of course). 

Overall, my journey with Katrin helped me so much emotionally and physically. I have for the first time ever experienced some pain-free insertion.

I have also seen a positive change in my relationships and the way I present myself to the world. I now have the confidence that vaginismus is not something that will haunt me forever, but rather it is just a stage in my life that I will overcome. 

If anyone is in a similar position to me 4 months ago, just know that you are not alone and getting help from Katrin has helped me in more ways than one!

– A. (21 years old, Australia)