The Power Of Words Session Was Incredibly Helpful And Affirming

I’m SO glad to have attended the Power Of Words meet up recently.

I found it really valuable to set aside an hour to focus on my vaginismus journey, through the medium of writing, in the company of other women who have their own first hand experiences of what I’m currently going through. The writing exercises were really thoughtful and thought-provoking (and you can share your writing with the group or just observe, and you can keep your camera off if you prefer).

When I attended the session, I had recently booked my first ever smear test appointment and was very apprehensive about it. The exercises in the session allowed my to focus on my body in a calm, kind way, and reframe the smear test as an act of self care for my body rather than just something terrifying which I wouldn’t be able to do…

The next week, I was able to have my smear test for the first time ever and all went smoothly!

To put this in context, I’ve been dilating for a couple of years, but whenever I received an annual letter from my doctor’s office asking why I hadn’t been for a smear test, my eyes would fill with tears and I would throw that letter in the recycling, then try to ignore it for another year, as I genuinely didn’t think it was something my body would be able to do, as someone experiencing vaginismus.

However, the Power Of Words session was incredibly helpful and affirming.

I’m also a very private person who hasn’t spoken about my vaginismus diagnosis with anyone apart from my partner and a couple of medical professionals, plus Katrin (!) – I haven’t felt ready to talk about it with any friends or family, so to be in that online space, even for just one hour, with other participants during the Power Of Words session felt like a huge, positive step forward.

I’d highly recommend it to everyone who is going through this and looking for some solidarity and a different way of approaching your outlook on your body and vaginismus.

Sending positive vibes to this whole community for 2023!

– L. (37 years old, UK)