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“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. I have been in a shame spiral for the past 5.5 years, struggling with vaginismus, avoidance, self-sabotage and basically self-hate.

Coming across your free resources on vaginismus has been a true turning point in my life. 

Your heart is so true in that you have allowed such beautiful authentic conversations to be accessible to those who don’t have the financial means.”

– Anonymous

Toronto, Canada

As a fellow vaginismus sister who has overcome this private pain and claimed her sexual liberation, she has created the holistic guidance and community that she wished she had access to during her own 6+ years journey. She has a thorough understanding of how survival strategies of the mind and subtle protective mechanisms of the body have sneakily kept you stuck in the Cycle of Pain.. And she supports you in releasing the protective body response of vaginismus, for good!

Katrin believes that your power is born out of your deepest pain and that the Sexually Liberated Woman within you already has all the answers to guide you in your personal reclamation in the realms of sex, love and relationships.. She is here to walk with you as you re-discover your erotic aliveness, access deep levels of relaxation and create the love life you once doubted was even possible for you.

She gently calls you into your erotic freedom and lifts you up as you bravely walk this path back home to yourself.

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An experience of embodied wisdom that invites your body, heart and mind into the identity of the Sexually Liberated Woman – the one who is erotically alive and free.

Deep, thought-provoking teachings that holistically explore the private pain of vaginismus

Immersive somatic experiences that address the mental, emotional, physical and erotic aspects of this protective body response

Convenient access to a loving, like-minded community of vaginismus sisters

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