Without Her Program I Would Not Be Over Vaginismus

I got married in April 2020 and my first time having PIV sex was uncomfortable, but it was not too bad. However, when my husband and I tried the next day we couldn’t complete PIV sex at all. 

We tried after that for 4 months and again it seemed like my husband was hitting a wall, I got depressed frustrated and I cried almost all day and night..

I thought there was something wrong with me and with my body (thankfully my husband is very understanding). I went to the internet and googled my symptoms and there it was the word ‘vaginismus’ – finally there was a word for my situation after a whole 4 months. I was looking online and through social media I found out about Katrin and I thought I would give it a try. 

Katrin’s first meeting was very natural for me, so so nice to talk to another person who went through the same struggle as I did. 

I cried while talking to her and she was so nice to me and explained all my struggle in a very comforting way… I knew I would trust her so I decided to invest in her guidance and it was very helpful.

I did my breathing exercises for almost 1 month then started my dilation process from size 1 to size 3 for about 3 months. My husband shared the dilation process with me sometimes. I moved to to size 5 in almost 4 months while keeping my breathing and stretching exercises. 

Then at the beginning of 2021 we tried PIV sex and WE DID IT FOR THE SECOND TIME with no pain I almost cried from happiness I could not believe it.

After that it was little bit uncomfortable for sometime but I kept my breathing, stretching, pelvic floor exercises and dilation process going until we had complete PIV in May 2021. After that I have been completely over vaginismus! 

I cannot thank Katrin enough she was so patient, she listened to my problems and without her program I would not be over vaginismus. 

One advice I have for all ladies who are suffering from vaginismus please don’t give up it is 100% curable. Another advice let your partners (if you have partner) share your experience with you. My husband massaged my thighs and helped me with dilation and that was a breakthrough for us. 

I also got pregnant in June 2021 unfortunately I miscarried that pregnancy but we are ready to have a family by God’s will. 

Thank you so much Katrin for all that you did for me!

July 2022 update: I gave birth to a baby boy!

While it was not a vaginal delivery for health reasons, I took the cervix dilation process great and I was calm. I am looking forward to penetrative sex with my husband again after recovery.​

Again, thank you so much.
I appreciate all your guidance.

If it was not for your program, I would not have given birth to this precious little boy! He changed our lives forever… I am so grateful.​

– Omnia (31 years old, Woodbridge, USA)