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Crystals For Pelvic Pain Healing And Trigger Point Release

Life is jam-packed with emotions!

You experience traumatic events in life, and your stores emotions and memories from them within yourself… These trapped emotions impact you in VERY real ways years after the initial trauma.

That phenomenon is at the crux of vaginismus.

After your brain creates an association of penetration to pain, you’re left with the task of uncoupling this equation and working up to a pain-free experience…

The healing process then is just as much an emotional one – it is a journey of detangling the mental and emotional scars within you and keep you reliving the Cycle of Pain.

There are a slew of strategies to engage in emotional healing, and one of them is using the healing characteristics of some of Mother Earth’s natural elements – crystals.

Crystals can help you in the emotional healing journey.

What sets apart your favourite coffee shop from the other nice one a few blocks away?

Many different reasons exist as to why you feel great in one environment, but off in another. Wouldn’t you agree that one of those reasons is the energy you sense in that particular place?

The vibe?

The vibe you get from a coffee shop is much like the first impression you have when you meet someone new.

Your intuition tells you something about that person, based on the vibe they put out and how it interacts with yours.

Have you ever felt off, but didn’t know why?

Just like people, crystals are a creation of Earth and they too give off certain unique vibes, or energies.

And depending on the particular kind of energy that they put off, they can serve a different purpose in your vaginismus healing journey.

Some crystals can guide your energy to be more conducive to feeling love and compassion for yourself, others to calming anxiety and stress… There are crystals to facilitate restful sleep, help heal inner anger, or encourage a light and joyful state.

It’s true!

Just like people, they can truly guide you to FEEL something. More specifically…

They gently balance the energies within you,
to then result in an altered emotion.

If you’re a person who is sensitive to energies, you may be able to notice this subtle effect of a crystal, soon after you walk into the room or place it in your hands. For most people, interaction with it for a longer period of time might be needed before they notice a difference.

So how do crystals relate to sexuality?

Introducing crystal sex toys, also called yoni wands.

Yoni is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning source, sacred space, origin, divine temple, and womb.

Do you like the divine sound of that?

In short, a crystal sex toy is is a tool to help you re-connect to your sacred sexual space – your vulva, your vagina.

To heal a part of you that has been hurt before and awaken the sexual energy that may have been laying dormant for many years.

These tools can help release old trauma, so that the pain you experience can be replaced by pleasure. They help re-kindle the spark of intimacy, femininity, pleasure and love for your body.

I didn’t have the pleasure of using crystal toys in my own vaginismus journey. I discovered the healing properties of crystals pretty recently and have up-levelled by journey with pleasure since!

I noticed that this has made sex a more sacred and emotionally intimate experience that I want to savour.

I used two sex toys by Gemstone Yoni to deepen my pleasure practice.

The first one is the standard size G-spot Yoni Wand made of rose quartz…

Rose quartz the stone of love, helping bring your feminine energy to the surface.

In the journey of vaginismus, it can be incredibly healing in helping you reconnect to the love you have for yourself and your body.

You may find that after working with this stone,
you feel a greater sense of compassion, nourishment and comfort.

Its nature is that it subtly inspires energies of beauty, romance and intimacy within you.

When I first tried the G-spot Yoni Wand in a self-pleasure session, I was able to sink into the experience of pleasure with ease, without the need to rush to reach a climax.

That created a slow and nurturing experience, in which I felt a deep appreciation for my body and how far I’ve come since my vaginismus days.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences of pleasure with myself in my life.

And although I was a skeptic of crystal sex toys a while ago, I can only attribute this wonderful experience to the healing power of crystals.

AND on another occasion with this wand…

How can I put it? I had a… messy FIRST.

I had my first ever squirting orgasm, also known as female ejaculation.

A squirting orgasm is when the body releases an odourless liquid from the urethra before or during climax. It’s usually reached through G-spot stimulation.

I literally wasn’t aiming for that.

At all.

I remember having the simultaneous urge to pee and climax and before I knew it, I had experienced that which I had only read about online.

Read more about the G-spot and the typical urge to pee associated with this type of orgasm here.

Quite frankly, I think the shape of the G-spot Yoni Wand did all the work for me because I didn’t intend to stimulate the G-spot in particular.

Later cleaning the sheets, I made a mental note to invest in a sex blanket like this to contain my wetness and keep my sheets clean!

On a slightly less exciting note…

I tried the Large G-spot Yoni Wand made of black obsidian too.

The first time I held this wand, I actually felt the intensity of the crystal. It was almost like a “don’t mess with me” kind of vibe.

It turns out that black obsidian is one of the most powerful stones used for healing, blocking negativities and releases harboured emotions.

I found that it was harder for me to sink into a state of surrender and pleasure with this wand, compared to the rose quartz one.

No wonder I felt a sense of emotional heaviness in using this stone – naturally the body resists digging up painful, negative energies.


I have heard of vulva owners releasing anger in particular when using a toy made of black obsidian – to the point that their partners asked them to stop using it!

Although it sounds taxing, the release of negative energies is incredibly healing and worthwhile! I’ve experienced the effects through meditation.

Aside from the emotional healing…

These particular Yoni Wands can also make a difference in your physical healing journey.

The curved shape of the G-spot Yoni Wand is designed to reach the erogenous zones, specifically the G-spot, the delicate area that sits near the opening of the vagina about 2-3 inches of the anterior wall.

More importantly, its shape makes it a great tool for trigger point release!

You see…

Aside from experiencing overall tightness in your pelvic floor muscles that can be relaxed with the help of dilators, you might also feel an intense tightness or burning in certain spots of your vaginal canal…

These are called trigger points.

And trigger point release is the technique used to relieve these tight spots.

Similar to how a massage can relax a kink in your neck, trigger point release is a massage for your vagina that brings a WAVE of relaxation to the area.

Trigger point release is typically done with a tool separate from your dilators. Like an S-shaped wand which makes it easier to reach deeper trigger points because of its curved shape.

Typically, you can start to relax your trigger points at the end of your dilating practice using an S-shaped wand only once you can insert at least the second size dilator.

How do you release the kinks in your vagina?

First, find which points are tender by using your finger or wand to gently press and release as you move clockwise or counter- clockwise along your inner vaginal wall.

When you come across a painful spot, apply only enough pressure to that point, as though you’re testing a tomato for ripeness.

Gently, not like this…

Then, hold the pressure there while moving your knee and leg towards and away from your body until the trigger point stops hurting. Then, stop the movement, release the pressure and move to another area.

Continue finding spots that are tender, along both the shallow and deep areas of your inner vaginal wall.

So which wand should you pick?

From both crystal wands, I found the standard size G-spot Yoni Wand to be most suitable for trigger point release.

It is 4.75″ long and 0.75″ wide and due to its slim size, it’s easier to navigate.

The Large G-spot Yoni Wand is 6” long and 1.5” wide.

It is a bit longer allowing you to reach to deeper trigger points, but its width and weight make it harder to maneuver.

For deeper trigger points, other crystal wands you may want to consider are the Crescent Yoni Wand and the Curved Yoni Wand, both of which are 6.5” long and less wide than the Large G-spot Yoni Wand.

For both shallow trigger points and ones that are located deeper in your vagina, non-crystal S-shaped wands you may wand to consider are the silicone pelvic wand by Intimate Rose, or the LA-wand by Pelvic Therapies.

Price (in USD)

The standard size yoni wand is $43, and the large one is $75.

What I love about Gemstone Yoni is that their crystal toys are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, meaning they are safe, pure and authentic gemstones that have not been heated, dyed or altered.

And because I value high quality products at a reasonable price…

I’ve partnered with Gemstone Yoni to provide you with a 15% discount! Just use code KATRINWITHLOVE at checkout.

Want to learn more about the healing properties of crystal wands and how to use them for trigger point release?

Enjoy this video 👇

And if experimenting with a crystal toy resonates with you…

I urge you to try it! And if you have tried one before, how was your experience?

I’ve put together video guidance on EXACTLY how to do this practice by the way!

To your sexual healing and spontaneous adventures!

– Katrin, with Love