Finding Katrin’s Story Gave Me The Strength To Begin My Healing Journey

My story began many years ago when I tried the penetrative sex for the first time… It was awful and painful. During the next years I tried again many times but penetration was always painful and many times even impossible.

I asked myself many times what was wrong with me. I was scared about wearing a tampon or having a gynaecological visit. I asked for help from different doctors and one of them gave a name to my symptoms – severe vaginismus.

At the beginning I refused the therapy with dilators – actually, I was just not able to use them without the right support. For a long time I thought I was broken and was doing everything wrong… Then I started to think that one day everything will pass. Maybe with the right person, maybe when I will be ready. So years passed… I broke up two long relationships and then one year ago my boyfriend broke up with me because of vaginismus. It was really sad.

I found myself at 32 years old alone with vaginismus – my worst fear! 

Then one morning I found Katrin’s website by chance. I was so relieved – I was not alone!! Another person on the other side of the world had vaginismus and overcame it. I felt happy and not alone anymore. I read her book, the blog articles and all the free materials. Finding Katrin’s story gave me the strength to begin my healing journey. Thanks to her free healing journey, I started my personal vaginismus healing – finding her story and all the information she shared was so important for me. 

That’s why I had the desire to find a wonderful doctor who helped me in overcoming vaginismus. It was hard sometimes, but it was the best thing I did for myself.

I used all the dilators and I finally found a special relation with my body and my pleasure. Every success was an event to celebrate. As well, thanks to my doctor I met many wonderful women who also overcame vaginismus. Another important theme I would like to underline – you can heal from vaginismus even if you are a single woman. It may be even better so you can focus on yourself.

Today I feel fine with myself, I feel happy and peaceful… I love myself and my body too. I have also changed in relation with other people and with men too.

I am more confident and I feel I can be myself. Now finally I am in a happy relationship and I finally started a new sex life. I felt free and grateful!

I hope my story can be helpful for other women – you are not alone and you are not broken. Believe in yourself that you can overcome vaginismus too.

– Marta (Italy)