How To Overcome Vaginismus – The Coach

This is a continuation of a conversation that started with the 5 Core Principles of Success (The Secret Sauce). If you haven’t been introduced to them yet, please begin here.

Now that you’re all caught up…

Let’s move onto the 4th core principle…

The Coach

To make progress, you must Practice what is outlined in The Map, which is created by The Mentor.

Regular practice, in the right way, is crucial. The coach is the one who helps you keep on track.

The coach is the motivator.

She is the person who understands you and inspires you to take courageous action in the right direction.

She knows your story and can directly relate to the suffering you’re experiencing.

The coach inspires you to consistently move further along the map. She is right there with you every step of the way.

And she makes sure that you’re enjoying the journey!

The coach also plays a critical role in the 5th core principle of success… Accountability.

– Katrin, with Love