How To Overcome Vaginismus – The Secret Sauce

Is vaginismus on your mind?

It must be, if you’re just discovering this hidden and lonely world…

Or maybe you’ve scoured the internet in an attempt to explain your undefinable pain…

Perhaps your doctor has confirmed you have this condition (or worse he or she thinks it’s made up)…

And you’ve even started considering giving up on intercourse altogether…

No matter where you are in your journey…

You’ve now found the right place.

You’re probably over the shock by now. The one that comes with the realization that your pain isn’t temporary. You might have tried some of these 7 common strategies to overcome it… But you’ve found little to no result.

1. Confided in a friend
You talked to your best girlfriend, then had to deal with her confused or negative reaction to your ‘abnormality’.

2. Took an information-only approach
You scoured the internet for answers, discovered you’re practically alone in this and took no action towards recovery.

3. Visited your doctor
You overcame your embarrassment and explained your issue to your doctor, only to be told that you ‘just need to use more lube’.

4. Went to a sex therapist
You spent countless sessions with a therapist unsuccessfully trying to identify a childhood memory that made you this way.

5. Saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist
You finally found such a specialist on the other side of town, but stopped going since most exercises are done at home anyways.

6. Tried dilating
You bought dilators, self-inflicted unnecessary pain as often as you could muster up the willpower, saw no progress and gave up.

7. Did nothing
Since your body is sending you a strong message, you just tried to accept that you don’t need or want intercourse in your life.

I’ve been in your shoes. None of the above worked for me either.

But no matter how close you are to giving up, rest assured – there’s still hope!

You see, becoming pain free and intimate is a journey. A journey that transforms a whole lot of pain, doubt, embarrassment, anxiety, guilt and confusion into decades of…

Confidence. Excitement. Pleasure. Love. Happiness. Freedom!

The fact that you’re still on this journey in overcoming vaginismus shows your strength and unparalleled perseverance.

Aside from these two crucial ingredients, what is the missing key to becoming pain free and intimate?

Is there a secret sauce?

To find out, let’s explore this question…

What does any successful journey look like?

What it doesn’t look like is a random collection of strategies and tactics.

To clarify, let’s consider your situation as a problem. Naturally, you’re looking for a solution.

In your search so far, everything you’ve found has only been the tip of the iceberg.

Strategies and tactics are what you see on the surface. They make up less than 10% of the whole thing…

How about the other 90% hidden out of sight – the rest of the iceberg sitting under the water?

What are the missing pieces that keep strategies and tactics afloat?

The unexpected stars of the show…

The crew behind the curtain…

The team behind the leader…

What’s missing are Core Principles!

Without its base, an iceberg is just another unstable piece of ice, floating around, ready to topple over at the slightest touch.

A lonely piece of ice that’s unable to hold its ground, not to mention withstand the stress of rising temperatures.

Core principles are what allow strategies and tactics to have any significant and lasting impact.

Core principles are the key to long-term success.

They are the secret sauce that make any journey a successful one!

You see, the defeat you experience from the strategies you’ve tried so far is just a symptom of an incomplete recipe.

A recipe that was missing the secret sauce.

So what is the secret sauce to becoming pain free and intimate? What are the core principles of success?

Well, there are 5 of them:

  1. The Mentor
  2. The Map
  3. Practice
  4. The Coach
  5. Accountability

Let’s explore the 1st core principle of success… The Mentor.

– Katrin, with Love