I Felt Called To Meet You

I cannot remember how you came into my field of awareness, but I am glad you did. I used to think that once I feel completely embodied in my resolution of this ‘tightness’ that I would teach a program on it.. However, after watching your 3 day Masterclass, I could see how much you’ve explored this matter from so many different angles that I changed my intention – I will just refer people to you for this!
I could instantly tell that you are intelligent, both cognitively and emotionally… and I was impressed. I love the way you respond to women in your Facebook group, with positivity and coherent guidance that addresses their question without judgment…
You have such a vast set of tools for women to choose from to negotiate with their bodies and the experience that they are having with it.
I love reading ‘success stories’ in your emails and my ABSOLUTE favourite was the story about the woman who was supported by mother nature, through mushrooms, in coming back into alignment with receiving through her body.

Thank you for creating a ‘bank of evidence’
for us who feel nourished by it, through
your email success stories. 

I wasn’t sure if I would receive anything through our chat today as I have been on a deep inner journey, led by this experience with my body… However, I felt called to ‘meet’ you as I have been very impressed by your work and how you conduct yourself – I am so glad we got to meet.
The piece that hadn’t come into my awareness in the specific way you framed it is – when we own our no, our body doesn’t have to say it for us (through contraction and tightness). This was a solid takeaway and I am VERY grateful.

Katrin, I am majorly celebrating you, just as you did me… You’ve created a beautiful body of work. I’ve looked at many different resources on this topic (because I am a nerd!) and your approach brings together various different angles and modalities in a very loving, trauma-informed and heart centered way. 
Thank you once again for your generous time and I know you will continue to thrive.

– R. (London, UK)