I Felt Understood And Safe From The Beginning

I found out I’m experiencing vaginismus a month ago after having PIV sex for the first time a few months back. I was in pain all the time, but thought it was normal at the beginning.

My boyfriend suggested I’d get this pain investigated as he kept saying it wasn’t normal and, mostly, it wasn’t supposed to hurt this much.

After giving a name to what I was experiencing, I felt in complete despair and didn’t really know where to start from, while in the waiting list for psychosexual therapy.

My doctor suggested I surround myself with positive vaginismus content through social media and research, and that’s how I came across Katrin’s page. 

I started looking at the content and sharing my experience, asking questions and doing her free 3 day Masterclass (mind blowing!) and I felt understood and safe from the beginning. I felt she knew what she was talking about, having experienced vaginismus herself, and had amazing advice.

I then decided to book the consult to get a bit more of a tailored advice and getting a bit of reassurance. It worked! My main fear was where to begin with the dilating process. She really reassured me and gave me great advice on how to prepare myself for the dilating process and put me at ease even thinking about it. Her way of talking, very calm and warm, made me feel very safe and able to talk to her about all my doubts and fears.

I now feel empowered in my own journey in overcoming vaginismus and backed up by an amazing community that can give me support in the process.

And, mostly, now I can’t wait to start! Thank you, Katrin.

– Arianna, (23 years old, London, UK)