I Healed And Forgave My Body

I struggled with painful sex for many years. I knew about vaginismus, but was in denial for a long time that this was what I was experiencing. I had lots of years of really enjoyable penetrative sex, so this couldn’t be my experience now – at least, that’s what I told myself.

But the pain I was experiencing was wreaking havoc on so many parts of my life. I felt totally disconnected from my body. I felt frustrated that my body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to. I forced myself through painful sex for a long time, hiding my tears, until finally I just started saying ‘no’ to all forms of intimacy. My relationship with my husband deteriorated. We felt more disconnected than ever. I felt numb inside.

Before discovering Katrin’s work, I visited doctors, psychologists, looking for someone to tell me what was wrong with me. To give me a quick fix. But nothing ever helped.

When I first spoke to Katrin, I felt like our conversation finally validated everything I’d been experiencing in my body. I realized the pain I was experiencing wasn’t my fault – it was layers upon layers of shame and trauma stored over many years. And I felt so supported and inspired to make a change and to allow myself to heal.

Over the four months I spent working one on one with Katrin, I felt so many shifts – physically and emotionally. We uncovered trauma I never even knew existed. I healed and forgave my body, and began to create a new relationship with her. I connected with my body, shifted stagnant energy, and invited more pleasure into my days.

I immediately saw how much our work was affecting me – and every aspect of my life. I began to feel confident in myself and sexy again. Through integration activities, I was finally able to find the words to explain my experience to my husband, and we had breakthrough conversations that healed wounds and created this incredible intimacy we’d been missing for a long time.

Our work together brought curiosity back into my relationship with my body, instead of pain, fear, and frustration.

I started to relearn what pleasure and desire felt like in my body. I explored new ways to experience sexual pleasure. I felt more passion and playfulness in my relationships, work, and life.

I felt supported by Katrin every step of the way. She asked all the right questions, celebrated every win – no matter how big or small – and brought light to the progress I was making in my healing journey, even on the days where I felt frustrated and defeated.

I’m so proud of myself for taking the leap of faith and investing in this work.

It has truly changed my life – I feel more comfortable in my body than I have for most of my adult life. At the beginning of our journey together, Katrin asked me to envision the life I wanted to create for myself and it felt so far out of reach. 

In just four months, I can confidently say that the life I envision for myself – the life that is full of pleasure, love, intimacy, abundance, creativity, passion, and adventure – is happening all around me. It is here. I am forever grateful.

And 2 months after our journey officially ended, I messaged Katrin to share something with her that I celebrated BIG! 

Over one weekend, I had PIV sex that felt amazing – it was not expected and I was so surprised my body responded with pleasure and I’m sooo happy.

I told her I could not have done it without her!

So if you have experienced vaginismus, please know that this is not a forever feeling. There is nothing wrong with you – you just need to make the decision to allow healing to take place. With Katrin’s help, I have no doubt you’ll make leaps and bounds toward living the pleasure-filled life of your dreams.

– Liz (31 years old, Brisbane, Australia)