I Now Wear Tampons Pain Free And Have Had Intercourse Without ANY PAIN

Before I came across Katrin, I was seriously worried about my future with the constant questions of will I ever find love, will I ever be able to have children, will I ever not be excluded out of the girly chats about casual hook up’s, the constant feelings of guilt and pain within my heart and mind constantly running through my mind never wanting to get close to someone because of my vaginismus because I could not take the excruciating pain. 

Before coming across Katrin’s page, I had constantly been turned away from doctors and nurses being made to think that this was something that was all in, ‘my mind’ I didn’t know how to start the conversation with anyone after hearing about that. 

When I found Katrin’s page I found hope, I was drawn to Katrin’s approach and passion which I could see from her videos and posts the fact that she had suffered vaginismus herself made me feel like there was a spec of hope inside this dark tunnel. Initially, Katrin’s free consultation was what made me take that first step in my self I had felt like I tried everything.

The process was an extremely supportive and nurturing one with Katrin supporting me throughout all angles.

I was very surprised on how much childhood experiences along with negativity about penetration in the present held me back. The breakthrough principle was understanding more about the potential, ‘root’ causes of vaginismus being able to identify with these was a huge breakthrough for me. I would also say throughout the process being able to relate to what she was saying and keep the vision of hope in my mind. I enjoyed everything about our calls and the fact that she was there every step of the way even after the programme ended. 

The benefit of this programme is I can now be who I WAS MEANT TO BE. 

I now wear tampons pain free and have had intercourse without ANY PAIN!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? None whatsoever.

I am so much more confident and happy, I am interested in meeting new people and trying new things as the subject of sex does not scare me anymore and it actually excites me. I have noticed I am much more daring and willing to try new things because for so long I could not even attempt penetration. I am proud of my self for not giving up even when times got hard or it seemed that I was not progressing or progressing quick enough. The woman who has come out to play in the world is a confident, kinky and happy one.

My words of inspiration to others are you can do it, the journey is long but there is light outside of the tunnel don’t give up.

I would 100% recommend Katrin as a guide to others and see her as more than a coach to me.

Over the time spent she has become so much more and I would not have been able to break out of the journey of vaginismus.

– S. (United Kingdom)