I Was Able To Drop Into My Body And Feel Love And Compassion For Myself And My Journey

Thank you SO much for taking the time to chat with me the other day, I found it immensely helpful, supportive and enlightening! 

When I saw your email saying consultation I immediately opened it and found there was an opening the NEXT day. It was totally divine timing with where I was at.

I was getting triggered by where I was in my healing, and feeling really stuck. I’m so glad you made yourself available.

I have been struggling with vaginismus for as long as I can remember, although I was officially diagnosed with it about 3 years ago. I have been trying everything and realized the main block I am struggling with is an emotional wall and numbness. I learned about reprogramming the subconscious. I realized how much of a battle I am in with myself because I want to heal so badly and something inside is getting in the way. Instead of getting frustrated and exhausted though, I need to learn how to retrain my body to access feelings of safety… relaxation.. allowing… surrendering..

I noticed when I was speaking with you that
I was able to drop into my body and feel love
and compassion for myself and my journey. 

I also realized how NOT alone and NOT unique I am in this… which is such a relief. Your voice, wisdom, listening and reflection allowed me to feel safe and trusting. 

I wish for others struggling with vaginismus to DEFINITELY reach out for help, especially when you feel despair, hopeless, stuck and at war. There is the right support out there and there is no reason to give up! Especially with someone like Katrin who is so loving, compassionate, genuine, caring, and relatable. 

Thanks again – I will absolutely reach out in the future about possibly working with you more.. I really enjoyed everything you have to offer and appreciate your time and expertise!

– Anonymous