If You Have Not Booked A Consultation With Katrin, Please Do

I cannot recall how I came across Katrin’s Instagram (most probably one of my many midnight google searches, googling vaginismus! – you feel me?!) But I am so glad that I found her…. 

I first registered for the 3 day Masterclass thinking I would just see what it was all about and listen. 

It seriously felt like she was talking to me, about me – everything resonated and I honestly watched and listened nodding my head and saying yes, yes, yes the entire time. 

Booking a consultation just felt like the next organic step and so I jumped on the website and booked in, the next available was 4 weeks away but I had done it, I’d booked in. I then received an email from Katrin asking if I wanted to bring our chat forward and if so she would open up a spot for me sooner YIPEE!! – I felt nervous but so excited to chat! 

The morning of our chat I was so anxious, I thought, should I just cancel? Am I going to sound silly? What will she think of my story? I had NEVER told ANYONE about vaginismus about how I was feeling on the inside, what was going on in my head for the past 20+ years. I had a few tears… then I received an email from Katrin saying, “10 minutes till our chat Stacey, looking forward to hearing your story” so I took a deep breath, made a coffee and clicked on the link… 

From the moment our chat started, I felt calm and safe.

Katrin started with a breathing exercise that really set the tone for an open conversation that started my journey to putting vaginismus in my past. 

I am about to start 1-on-1 coaching and could not be happier with my decision. I celebrated by dancing quite a few times that day!! 

Ladies… if you have not booked a consultation with Katrin, please do – you owe it to yourself to live your best life, live your truth and be free. Katrin can not only assist you with your journey, she also gets it, she has lived this and is a wealth of information that WILL help you. You are not alone. 

Katrin, you are changing lives and I will be forever grateful for your courage and passion for helping people. 

Goodbye vaginismus… Hello pain free and intimate living!!! 

– Stacey (38 years old, Australia)