It’s About Embracing Myself And Loving My Own Body

Thank you, Katrin, for your genuine desire to hear, see, and encourage others. 

I had gotten married less than a year ago, and attempting PIV sex for the first time on our wedding night was excruciatingly painful and scary for me, and the night ended with us both emotionally hurt, turning away from each other, and crying alone to sleep. After that, the emotional toll of more failed PIV attempts put a bit of a strain between my partner and me. 

I started reading material about vaginismus from your website and email subscription and trying to dilate on my own.

However, I hit a plateau in my dilating, where I wasn’t making much progress. I decided to book a consultation because I was feeling desperate and alone in my journey. 

You not only helped answer specific questions I had about my situation, but also listened with so much empathy. 

Honestly, being able to share my story with someone and receive empathy in return was in some ways emotionally healing for me – it helped me extend empathy toward myself. 

I realize now that overcoming vaginismus is not about erasing the terrible memory of my wedding night or gaining my partner’s favor… 

It’s about embracing myself and loving my own body. 

Thank you SO MUCH, Katrin, for your support on this journey.

– Anonymous (25 years old, Ohio, USA)