Just From Your Free Resources I’ve Received So Much More Understanding Than From All Of The Professionals That I’ve Paid So Much Money To See

I just wanted to say that I found your content so helpful.

I signed up for your emails and have been exploring through your free course Putting Vaginismus In The Past. I went through your awesome content there including the free Masterclass. Actually, I’ve only listened to the first video, but from just that first one I truly think that I received more insight than from all the other practitioners I’ve gone to see. And I’ve understood my body so much more since that.

So my journey has been going for the last year or so, since I got married, and I’ve been to see countless physio, gynos, some other somatic therapists..

And I’ve tried several different ways of trying to tackle vaginismus – from dilators to desensitization (though I probably didn’t do it the right way), but I’ve tried so many different avenues. Some have been mildly helpful but none of them have been super helpful or really got to the root of the problem. I feel like each of those practitioners offered some advice and some insight, but it’s just not holistic and almost all of them disregarded the gravity of what the vaginismus experience really is.

I’ve found that just you connect with that so beautifully and connect with everyone who’s going through it so well..

So I just want to thank you for how much you kindly, generously and thoughtfully share on your Instagram and for all the other resources you share as well.

I’ve also signed up for the waiting list for your next course because I think that sounds just absolutely amazing. I mean, hopefully by then I will have healed my experience with vaginismus so maybe I won’t have to do it, but if I am still going through the journey, I’ll be so excited to jump in there.

Again, I’m just so stoked that just from your free resources I’ve received so much more understanding (about my body and about the whole vaginismus experience) than from all of the professionals that I’ve paid so much money to see.

It’s just a testament to how amazing your work is and your insight on all of this!

So I guess I just wanted to thank you.

– Susannah (Australia)