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Magnetic Dilators? How They’re Different Than Other Sets

Typical plastic dilators.


I wish I used more comfortable dilators than my plastic set!

I didn’t know better and, well they were a gift…

From my PARENTS of all people! They willingly went a sex store, inquired with the sex store clerk all about their daughter’s ‘sex problem’ and brought these babies home. I wrote all about that story here.

This is what my dilators looked like.

After my first encounter with them, I kept them hidden in darkness for weeks! And unfortunately used them WRONG for many many months after that, causing myself unnecessary pain that just strengthened The Cycle of Pain.

I had to discover an effective approach to dilating through trial and error… But thankfully I now share it with the world, so YOU can avoid my mistakes!

And only after my own vaginismus journey, I discovered an important insight about dilators themselves…

The relative comfort level of silicone dilators is through the roof compared to their plastic counterparts!

They just FEEL better.


They’re flexible and forgiving, as opposed to stiff and rigid.

Once I decided to spread my knowledge about vaginismus with vulva owners like you, I carefully explored what tools are out there so I can recommend only the best.

I came across a technology with dilators that I had never seen before – PLASTIC dilators, but ones that are MAGNETIC.

That peaked my interest so I HAD to try them.

Here’s the scoop about the magnetic dilators by VuVa and you can make your own mind whether you’d like to benefit from this plastic, yet magnetic magic.

Number of Dilators

This set is made up of 5 dilators.

That’s 5 different sizes, where 8 is the most you’ll find on the market, from all sets that I’ve tried.

The set includes dilators that gradually increase in size to allow for a comfortable and a smooth experience as you progress with your dilator training.

Dilator Sizes

This is the most important attribute when it comes to dilators.

Diameter is the most important measure when talking about size because it determines how much your pelvic floor muscles need to stretch in order to allow the dilator into your vaginal canal.

The difference in length of the dilator isn’t as important since you can choose what length of the dilator to insert.

The diameters of all sizes are as follows:

Size 1: 0.5 inches (Another dilator manufacturer, Soul Source has its first size starting at a diameter of 0.5 inches also).
Size 2: 0.75 inches (compared to Soul Source’s size 2 dilator at 0.75 inches)
Size 3: 1 inch
Size 4: 1.25 (compared to to Soul Source’s size 4 dilator at 0.95 inches)
Size 5: 1.5 inches (compared to to Soul Source’s size 5 dilator at 1.0 inches)

The Soul Source dilators I compared to have 8 dilators in the full set.

Its second largest dilator has a diameter of 1.4375 inches, which is about the same as VuVa‘s largest magnetic dilator. And the Soul Source set comes with one larger dilator to practice with (size 8), which has a a diameter of 1.625 inches.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to be able to insert all dilators to achieve success with your dilator training. The largest dilator you should aim to insert, if sexual penetration is your goal, is the size of your partner’s penis.

If inserting a tampon is what you’d like to achieve, then you may only need to practice with the first two sizes of the dilators.

Material – Why Magnets?

This is the second most important attribute.

The dilators are made from a medical grade polycarbonate plastic and each dilator contains over sixty neodymium magnets.

These are a widely used type of rare-earth magnet used in medical applications that will keep its strength for over 10 years. They’ve been strategically positioned for maximum benefit.

And even having a large neodymium magnet positioned beside you while you sleep can help you experience the health benefits. I have personally found relief from aches and pains from this particular magnet, and it has helped me sleep like a baby!

But what are the benefits to the pelvic floor?

Before we get into the technical details, why not please the mind with…

Okay, now that we both agree magnets are pretty cool, let’s explore how they’re also helpful in the dilating journey.

In a double blind placebo clinical trial, the magnetic dilators by VuVa were clinically proven to be MORE effective in reducing intercourse pain caused by pelvic pain conditions than non-magnetic dilators.

This was specifically within a study of participants who had vulvodynia – vulvar pain at 2 or more sites tested of at least 3 or greater on a 1-10 scale (and for at least 3 months prior to the study).

Vulvodynia is defined as chronic, unexplained, vulvar pain or discomfort confined to the vulvar vestibule in response to contact or pressure).

80% of study subjects reported a decrease in overall pain after using the magnetic dilators by VuVa

Subjects using these dilators experienced an average 30% decrease in pain levels on a standardized tampon test (which is a way to clinically measure pain associated with sexual intercourse)

The cotton swab test evaluates 11 different locations of the vulvar vestibule for pain. 80% of the study subjects reported a decrease in the total number of locations after using the magnetic dilators by VuVa

Subjects using the magnetic dilators by VuVa experienced an average 28% decrease in pain levels using a standardized cotton swab test (which is a non-invasive measure of vaginal pain)

So the benefits of magnetic dilators are MOST relevant to you if you have vaginismus AND vulvodynia.

Luckily, not everyone who has vaginismus has vulvodynia. So are these magnetic dilators helpful for those who don’t experience vulvodynia?

To find out, let’s explore the general benefits of the magnets.

When the negative north side of a magnet is placed next to a painful area, it draws fresh oxygenated blood to the nerves and surrounding muscles.

As well, the positive energy field creates two results: as magnets are alkaline, they counteract any acidity in the body caused by disease and fresh blood helps to remove any acidity from the body which, in turn, accelerates healing while reducing pain. 

Therefore, the magnetic dilators by VuVa can help relax muscles and ligaments, as well as lengthen soft tissue, which is beneficial even if you don’t experience vulvodynia!


Feel of Material (Flexibility)

The magnetic dilators by VuVa are naturally not flexible compared to silicone dilators.

But what kind of flexibility should you be looking for?

More flexible dilators increase your comfort during dilator training. That’s why the rigid plastic set I used was extremely uncomfortable and unforgiving.

On the other hand…

Since dilators are meant to create some resistance against your pelvic floor muscles (and can also be used for trigger point release), it’s important that they are firm enough to be able to effectively apply pressure.

In other words, you can’t put pressure on a tomato using a feather!

This may have you conclude that plastic dilators are MORE effective in applying pressure during dilator training…


I haven’t yet run into a set that is too flexible to make dilating ineffective… SO the attribute of flexibility is important for comfort, and isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to efficacy!


Although aesthetics don’t seem to be very important, there are a few practical aspects of nice-looking dilators.

The magnetic dilators by VuVa are entirely pink.

Other sets have a colour differentiation between sizes which I find makes it easier to identify and remember which one you should pick up during your dilator training.

The worst would be trying with a size too large and getting disappointed with yourself, only to realize that you were trying to insert the wrong dilator!

Unfortunately, the magnetic dilators by VuVa don’t have an indicator of size on them, to help you avoid such mistakes (like a little number on their base for example).

This just means you’ll have to keep track of the sizes, visually. With a set of only 5 dilators, this isn’t TOO difficult to do.

Ease of Cleaning

I find these dilators easy to clean.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s important to clean and dry any intimate tool or toy thoroughly, as bacteria CAN grow on damp surfaces.

So make sure the entire surface is dry before you store them away.

Place of Manufacturing

The magnetic dilators by VuVa were designed AND manufactured in Sarasota, Florida, USA – also where VuVa’s main office is.

Thumbs up for supporting the local community in Florida!


The set comes with a pink travel pouch to store them in!

Price (in USD)

The 5-piece dilator set is $219.

The combo set of 2 sizes of your choice is $69.

I don’t see many reasons why you would purchase individual dilators when you’re trying to overcome vaginismus, except for if your goal is to insert a tampon and nothing larger…

But if you did want to get each size individually, you’re looking at between $29 per dilator.

I’ve also partnered with Tara from VuVa to spread the word about their products AND get you a discount!

Use promo code KATRINWITHLOVE at checkout and you’ll get a 10% discount!

You can look to Amazon for a price comparison as well, of their non-magnetic set.

And I’ve been sure to do my research thoroughly and objectively, so you can read about my reviews of other dilator sets here:

Intimate Rose
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What do you think about magnetic dilators?

Does the benefit of the magnets within the dilators overpower the potential discomfort of the plastic itself?

As well…

I’ve put together a detailed online course designed to take you through the process at the right pace, to avoid pain and finally break the cycle of pain!

To your successful dilating practice!

– Katrin, with Love