My Deep Wish Came True

The first moment I saw Katrin I immediately thought – ‘what a loving look’. When she started talking about her story about vaginismus and pain during intercourse, I could immediately relate.

I had already done a lot to solve my pain during intercourse, but it always failed to produce the desired result. I was very sad about that and felt powerless because I really didn’t know how to overcome my challenge. 

I wanted to feel free in my body and with my sexuality, so I opted for the 4 monthly program with Katrin.

I looked forward to every online appointment and home play activities afterwards. I was extremely motivated and wanted to discover as much as possible, so I really spent a lot of time on all the assignments of the trajectory. Surprisingly, Katrin’s approach also motivated my husband to participate and he normally doesn’t like exercises!

Being able to share my experiences, feelings and fears with Katrin was really nice, nourishing and helpful. I felt heard, seen and understood. The process has given me a lot of new knowledge. Even more gentleness to my mind and body… We have transformed some unconscious limiting beliefs in a super simple way and with real impact in my life! At the end of the trajectory, my view of my own sexuality and that of my husband and me together has really changed. All of the ideas, expectations and ‘demands’ I had changed! I can enjoy, surrender, experience and FEEL so much more. This was really beautiful. 

AND 3 months after I had finished the process, I was able to repeatedly allow my husband’s penis into my vagina in a nice way. 

My deep wish came true! Thank you dear Katrin. Actually, words cannot properly describe what you have meant to me during the path I followed with you.. 

Together with you I have a greater sense of freedom, playfulness and fun.. I now allow myself to and ENJOY expressing my wishes, having them get fulfilled AND I continue to discover more what excites me – what I like in my exploration of nice intercourse. All of that brings me freedom and peace. Now I move on to discover what else I (and we) can experience and discover within my (and our) sexuality. In fact, I look forward to it!

I can recommend anyone to contact Katrin. You will be surprised by the gentle and expert way in which she can guide you towards YOUR wish.

– Angelique