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Plastic Pelvic Wand For Trigger Point Release

Getting a kink in your neck after an uncomfortable night’s sleep is annoying to say the least!

Getting a kink in the 1000x less physically accessible place in our bodies, in our vaginas, is a WHOLE lot worse.

I wrote all about that and the practice of trigger point release, used to relieve this tightness of the pelvic floor muscles, in this blog post.

That story explains why an S-shaped tool is KEY to aid in the process…

And it features a silicone such tool – pelvic wand by Intimate Rose.

But is silicone the best option?

Let’s explore the differences in…


The V-wand and LA-wand at TheraWand (the original creator of the pelvic wand) are made from 100% PMMA Acrylic.

In my strong opinion, as I’ve elaborated on here, silicone IS the best option when it comes to dilator sets.

The comfort of silicone really is a blessing in the process of overcoming vaginismus. The idea is to allow for penetration with a dilator and later a tampon, finger, sex toy, or a penis to be AS effortless as possible.

The downside of using silicone dilators and toys though is that you absolutely have to use water-based lubricant along with them…

Since a silicone-based or hybrid (water/silicone mix) lubricant will degrade and/or discolour the silicone.

This sometimes results in a bit of a sticky situation, as the water-based lubricant naturally evaporates during your practice.

That’s not the case for silicone-based lubricants!

Silicone-based lubricants are incredibly slippery and long-lasting.

(I wrote all about those differences in lubricant here, featuring my favourite to date silicone-based lubricant, Überlube.)

When it comes to dilators, the comfort of the silicone material is ABSOLUTELY worth the challenges a water-based lubricant may bring.

When it comes to pelvic wands and how they’re used, a plastic wand isn’t significantly less comfortable. So its freedom to be used with a silicone-based lubricant can make for a winning combination!

This is what I have to report about the V-Wand and LA-Wand:


This is the most important attribute to look for, as you want to make sure it allows you to reach both the shallow parts of your pelvic floor muscles and the ones that are situated deeper in your vagina.

Believe me, you don’t want to have to strain yourself to make sure you hit the spot. That only adds more tension and pressure in your body, exactly what you’re trying to avoid!

The V-Wand

The V-Wand’s shape is great for this.

It features an opposable-thumb shape end for when greater surface area is needed and a finger-tip like tapered end for more precise contact.

The V-Wand has a diameter of 7/8″ and measures 8″ long.

The V-wand comes in clear and aqua colours.

The LA-Wand

The LA-Wand also features a finger-tip like tapered end for easy insertion and a ‘bobble’ end offering greater surface area. The bobbled end can also be used as a handle.

It is longer in length (measuring 9″) with a smaller diameter of 5/8″, with the bobbles being 7/8″ wide.

The longer length can aid reachability for larger individuals or for those with limited mobility. And it is the preferred wand for anal use due to its thinner width. I’d say it’s also my preference for those experiencing vaginismus, for the same reason.

The LA-wand comes in clear and violet colours.

It allows you to incorporate trigger point release in your dilating practice a little bit sooner than you would otherwise be able to.

Side by side…

The differences in width, length and shape are more evident.

The LA-wand mimics the natural shape and angle of a finger, still being curved enough to fulfill its purpose of comfortable reach during internal massage.

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, it’s important to clean and dry any intimate tool or toy thoroughly, as bacteria CAN grow on damp surfaces.

I find both wands incredibly easy to clean with gentle soap and warm water.

Place of Manufacturing

The V-Wand and LA-Wand created by TheraWand were designed and manufactured in the USA.


They each come with an aqua coloured carrying pouch to store them in!

Price (in USD)

The V-Wand is $34 and the LA-Wand is $35.


What do you think about a plastic S-wand for trigger point release?

To your pelvic floor relief!

– Katrin, with Love