Soothing Relief For Your Irritated Vulva

Let’s admit it.

Pads aren’t exactly comfortable.

But for many vulva owners who experience vaginismus, they’re the most common option.

As might be the case for you (as it was for me a few years ago), tampons are a bit too advanced and maybe NOT a possibility (yet)…


Don’t get me started on the menstrual cups everyone is raving about!

I know what you’re thinking…

First let’s conquer the tampon, next dilators, penetrative sex and maybe THEN think about using a menstrual cup, right?

So as you’re making progress in your vaginismus journey, pads it is.

Okay, maybe menstrual cupping can be a fun game at best…

Is it just me, or does your vulva also get irritated when you have a pad on for too long? It’s annoying to say the least.

I typically don’t do much in the way of treatment to subside the irritation.

I would just wear my most comfortable underwear possible after my period and let time do its thing.

Other than pads, if your skin is extra sensitive to begin with, you may also find that your skin gets irritated from synthetic materials…

Like those panties that were on sale once but aren’t quite the best quality, or…

Maybe you struggle with vulvodynia and you have to deal with the feeling of burning or discomfort on your vulva on the regular.

That must be terrible.

So how do YOU manage the irritation?

You and I both deserve to treat our vulva well and it down right is begging for some love and soothing touch.

I figured there must be some natural products out there to help and I’ve been especially curious about the healing action of CBD creams that are growing in popularity these days…

Like this one, the Smooth CBD Lotion by Calyx, made with hemp extracted cannabidiol (CBD).

Hemp extracted CBD is the active ingredient that can help with inflammation and expedite healing in areas that experience irritation.

Sounds perfect for applying externally on the vulva in those irritating days of the month, or to help with vulvodynia if you’re a poor soul with that challenge in your collection of life’s obstacles.

As well, the Smooth CBD Lotion by Calyx can be used to help heal acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, or even for anti-aging prevention.

It’s important to note that the cream does NOT have THC, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

Hemp-extracted CBD does not produce a euphoric high or psychoactive effect.

I tested how effective it was for irritation and…

My experience was really positive!

My first impression was that the cream smelled quite a bit like medicine. Perhaps it was the scent of sandalwood – it wasn’t super pleasant to me.

The first time I applied the Smooth CBD lotion by Calyx, my vulva gave me this feedback…

I discovered that the Smooth CBD Lotion by Calyx is actually quite spreadable since its soft and oily to the touch.

That means I only needed a little bit to cover the irritated areas of my vulva! Score!

So it’s efficient when it comes to quantity to use, but is it effective?

I noticed that applying the cream twice a day for 2 days, at the end of the second day my irritation was gone – a day or two faster than usual.

And most importantly…

I didn’t spend those 2 days being distracted by the discomfort – the area was in the soothing process and I barely noticed it!

As well, since the cream has anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful for the skin on the face, I also started using it as part of my night-time routine and found it to be really moisturizing!

So what are these great effects due to?

Let’s explore what the lotion is made of…

Here are the ingredients:

Natural Cream Base (RO Water, Virgin Coco Creme, Emulsifying Wax NF, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerine, Stearic Acid, Shea, Sal butter, Coconut water, Jojoba Oil, Panthenol, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol & Capryly Glycol, Seaweek Extract), Hemp-Extracted Cannabidiol, Lavender (Lavendula Officinalis), Benzoin (Styrax Benzoin), Sandalwood (Santalum Album), Ti-Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia).

Reverse osmosis water is water that has undergone a treatment process that removes contaminants from it by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. 

Virgin coco creme is biologically pure coconut oil, identical to un-extracted oil from raw coconut flesh.

The Smooth CBD Lotion by Calyx also includes 600mg of hemp-extracted CBD.

Price (in CAD)

The Smooth CBD Lotion by Calyx retails for $89. AND you can get $20 off by using my discount code, KATRINWITHLOVE.

What do you think about using a CBD lotion to help with irritation?

Perhaps it’ll be of help if you as you use plenty of these…

To your beautiful vulva!

– Katrin, with Love