Starting My 1-on-1 Journey With Katrin Was One Of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

From the outside looking in it looked like I had the picture perfect life… amazing husband, beautiful home, latest cars, successful business – all the pieces of the puzzle are in place except for one piece that is just not fitting in (excuse the pun!)

Cue Katrin…..

One night, one of many, many, many nights I should say, Googling and scrolling through the internet and Instagram I came across Katrin’s page and could not believe it! I resonated with every post, every story, every word that I read – I had tears in my eyes, I felt hope, I felt like I wasn’t alone. Could this be it… I found myself continual going back to the page, looking for answers and searching for something then Katrin announced a 3 day Masterclass and I knew I had to watch, I had to hear what she had to say. 

Watching the Masterclass changed my life.

I was nodding my head, screaming YES to everything she was saying and had some many lightbulb moments – it was like Katrin was talking to me and about me at the same time.

With my confidence growing and the glimmer of hope starting to shine its light, I booked a complimentary call and I couldn’t get an appointment for a few weeks. It was strange, I felt relieved because I had a few weeks to “not deal” with it I guess, but disappointed I had to wait all at the same time. Katrin then emailed me saying a spot had opened up next week and with my heart pumping I replied YES! Here we go…

The morning of the call I was so nervous. I hadn’t mentioned anything to my husband, who was supposed to had left for work by the time my call was, but (typical male) was running late, so naturally I had a complete breakdown – tears and all and just blurted out to him “I have an important call this morning, I have a name for my “problem” it’s vaginismus, its an involuntary muscle response and Katrin is going to help me” I said. It was out there now I just had to jump on the call!! (He was sooooo supportive by the way and continues to be my biggest cheerleader, asking me “have you dilated today?” all the time.)

From the moment our chat started I felt calm and I knew everything was going to be ok.

We did a meditation to start, I shared my story and Katrin shared hers she created such a safe space for me. I felt (and continue) to feel supported by someone who has really walked in my shoes. I learnt that to really heal from vaginismus I was going to have to dig deep down within myself and believe and trust the process and this is exactly what happened. When I finished my call I was ready to take the next step and work 1-on-1 with Katrin to be pain free and intimate.

Starting my 1-on-1 journey with Katrin was one of the best decisions I have ever made – investing in myself and seriously never looking back.

The program is paved out each stepping stone mapped out all in perfect timing, nothing is rushed or missed and Katrin is there guiding you through at your own pace the entire journey. The emotional healing was a real eye opener for me, seeing how past experiences had all contributed to my vaginismus. This is something I feel like I always knew but never REALLY thought of me having a physical response to emotional trauma – the tools around this (the subconscious work, TRE and meditation) continue to a few favourites that I still practise. Also, I remember touching on dilating in an early chat and thinking – there is no way I am going to be able to do that, I am not going to make it that far. However by the time that time came I felt 100% ready and actually love my dilating sessions!!

Honestly, this whole experience changed me – I am stronger, I love myself, I believe in myself and am living my best life thanks to Katrin.

I will be forever grateful to Katrin for putting this program together and guiding me on my journey.

I still look up at the sky on my daily walk and say thank you to Katrin who I have nicknamed my sex fairy.

Forever grateful.

– Stacey (39 years old, Australia)