The Way We Spoke Was Like We Already Knew Each Other

“Before our consultation I was really anxious and I have to admit even in the past weeks I was super anxious with the idea of sharing my experience, but it was really natural for me at the end. 

The way we spoke was like we already knew each other and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all! 

Of course it’s still the beginning for me and I am struggling with a lot of mixed feelings this year, from self awareness to a sensation of fear, fear of not being able to feel better but also fear of the pain. ​​I am proud I am handling it and since I opened myself with my therapist, my friends and even with you, I feel so much better and more relaxed. 

​​From this point of view internet really can help us, finding in your page stories like yours or also other pages related to vaginismus really help me: in the past year I used to feel like I was an “alien”, that something was wrong with me, but now I know I am not wrong, I am just human!!

​I hope everyone can understand this, that we have nothing to be afraid of and that there is still hope for us, even in the darkest times.”

– Anonymous (25 years old, Venice, Italy)