There Is Deep Meaning And Purpose In The Symptoms We Experience

I have been on a journey with vaginismus for almost two years.

It felt like I’d read everything on the internet that I could possibly find about it, and nothing really resonated much… until I was divinely guided to Katrin and her work. 

Getting the space to have a consultation 1-on-1 with Katrin was a massive blessing in my life and on my journey of healing. I feel so deeply blessed for the opportunity to learn from and work with her. I was able to ask questions and share about certain things I’d been experiencing, and Katrin knew exactly how to support me with everything I brought up. 

Katrin understands that every symptom, every sensation, is the body communicating a message, and that there is deep meaning and purpose in the symptoms we experience.

She held beautiful and safe space for me, seeing me exactly as I am, and holding me in love. I felt so held and safe with her… 

She helped me to honor the parts of me that were yearning to be acknowledged and loved through vaginismus. She helped me to honor myself and my truth more deeply. 

Your body is not broken and nothing is wrong with you. Healing is absolutely possible, and Katrin can powerfully support you in getting there.

– Brooke