This Was Exactly What I Needed To Put Me Back On Track

After years living with vaginismus, I am now in a phase of stagnation where I know I have made a lot of progress from when I first started on this healing journey, but I am still far from my ultimate goal: pain free and pleasurable penetration…

I felt I needed a push to understand how I could keep making progress.

When I found Katrin’s website and saw she was offering a free first consultation I did not hesitate and booked one immediately. This was exactly what I needed to put me back on track and give myself hope and motivation to keep moving forward.

I felt very relaxed during our chat as I knew I could totally be open with Katrin since she has been through and overcame vaginismus.

There was absolutely no judgement or pressure whatsoever and I can only think of positive things that came out of it. Katrin was full of great tips and advice for me to make new progress and definitely helped me see more clearly what should be my next steps.

I am on my way to getting pelvic physiotherapy treatment and now have new ideas for things to try!

Katrin also made me realise some of the strengths I have such as the awareness of my own pelvic floor muscles and my perseverance. I also now understand that patience is key and there are other ways to enjoy myself. I am happy to make slow but long lasting progress rather than trying to rush anything that might just be counterproductive!

I would definitely recommend anyone with vaginismus to reach out to chat.

You have nothing to lose and I can assure you that you will learn things at whatever stage you are in this journey.

I didn’t have any expectations and was so pleasantly surprised with how much Katrin has taught me in only one session, both about myself and how to get closer to overcoming vaginismus.

– Ali (25 years old, London)