Kegels For PUH-leasure

The day I discovered kegel balls was an exciting one!

When I found this tool at a sex store I visited, the store clerk explained that doing certain exercises, or even just walking around with the ball inside your vagina actually help strengthen and tone your vaginal pelvic floor muscles.

I also learned that this can help avoid any urine leakage and tighten up the vagina (say after pregnancy) to allow for better control of the muscles and more intense orgasms.

Being the athlete that I am, I was attracted to anything that had to do with working out with the use of balls, so I was quick to purchase a kegel ball exercising kit.

Increased control after years of not being able to control my pelvic floor muscles?

Sign me up! This can be fun!

Oh wait, that’s NOT how you do it?

Regardless of how the exercise actually looks, I was especially attracted to the fact that…

The added control could allow for you being able to tighten up your pelvic muscles around your partner’s penis during penetration, creating a more interesting and pleasurable experience for him and for you.

The mere thought that I could be a BETTER lover was incredibly motivating, after not having been able to satisfy my partner as a result of dealing with vaginismus.

You know how you sometimes buy something to use in the future, like a tighter fitting dress for example?

Yeah that was me…

I was hopeful to be able to insert these balls comfortably… soon.

And with a bit more research, I found out an incredibly important piece of information:

Since standard kegel exercises (and kegel exerciser balls) aim to strengthen the pelvic floor, they are NOT recommended if you have an over-active, or tight pelvic floor (as most vulva owners experiencing vaginismus do).

Meaning if you have vaginismus and your medical professional recommended that you use kegel balls, don’t listen to him/her!

ONLY people with an under-active pelvic floor, that is overstretched, or weak (but not tight) are good candidates for kegel exercises.

So if you have vaginismus, these will be great for regaining control of your muscles and strengthening them, but only AFTER you have first fully relaxed the pelvic floor and released any active trigger points you might have.

That’s because by doing kegel exercises with a tight pelvic floor, you risk tightening it further!

Only after your pelvic floor is no longer tight, it becomes time to strengthen it.

Thankfully for me, at the point I discovered kegel ball exercisers, I was well on my way to being able to achieve penetration.

So it was quite timely that I found a tool to add to my toolbox for pelvic floor control, with the appropriate relaxation exercises still in full swing.

Little did I know…

That aside from using these kegels balls for ‘business’, they are also very much for PLEASURE!

Strengthening that pelvic floor was surprisingly satisfying!

A kegel ball exerciser kit I recently tried that confirmed this is the Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls.

This is what I have to share about these kegel ball exercisers:

Number of Exercisers

This set comes with 2 exercisers.

Some other sets come with a greater number of exercisers, spanning a wider range of weights. These more involved exerciser sets are designed to level up from beginner to advanced within the same set.

The Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls is simple in this sense.

Instead of alternating between combinations of balls of different weights, you just choose to insert one or both balls.

Exerciser Weights

This is THE most important attribute when it comes to kegel exerciser balls.

The weights of the Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls are:
Ball 1: 0.8 oz
Ball 2: 0.8 oz

This set tends to be one of the lightest I’ve come across, as other kegel ball sets tend to have each ball weigh between 1.5 oz to 4 oz.

Hence this set is in fact beginner when it comes to weight, as you can have 0.8 oz inside your vagina, or both balls to create a total weight of 1.6 oz.

So what is the purpose of the weighted balls?


The weights of the balls are what trigger your pelvic floor muscles to hold on.

If you actively contract and relax your pelvic floor while they’re in, this creates an even better workout and you get to practice controlling your pelvic floor movements both up (on contractions) and down (on relaxations).

All of this allows them to gradually strengthen.

As would any other weight lifting exercises.

(Okay, not this one.)

Also, a larger weight creates more of an intense resistance to the pelvic floor and this makes for a deeper massage as the ball sits there and rolls around with your body’s natural movement.

Configuration (Sleeve)

Some kegel ball exercisers come with a sleeve in which you can insert either 1 or 2 balls, in whichever weight combination you wish.

The Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls don’t come with a sleeve.

Instead, each ball is already configured exactly as it is meant to be inserted through the vaginal canal.

There is still versatility with the total amount of weight you want to insert (since you can insert one or both balls if you choose).

Also, your choices are fewer and so using this set becomes a quite a bit easier in that sense!

Configuration (Retrieval String)

Most kegel ball sets have a retrieval string to help in taking out the kegel balls.

I personally think a handle serves as a HUGE help in taking out the kegel balls, instead of having to get them out with your fingers or otherwise.

Think tampons with a string to pull out versus no string.

In fact, reaching into my vagina with my fingers has never really been something I’ve done.

That tendency comes with vaginismus I guess. For example…

In my vaginismus days, after I learned to insert tampons, I never inserted one without an applicator.

So the thought of taking out a kegel exerciser ball that doesn’t have a string to pull on was quite overwhelming at first.

Even now after years after putting vaginismus behind me, I had a bit of anxiety inserting one of the balls.

I decided that instead of reaching in with my fingers, I would try another technique – I call it the chicken egg formula.

You essentially have to get in a deep squat position and gently control you pelvic floor muscles to bear down as though you’re taking a #2, but focusing in on the vaginal opening area and pushing the ball out instead.

And don’t forget to hold your hand under there so you could catch the ball in the end zone!

Now THAT required some advanced skills! Even though this kegel ball set is labelled to be “beginner”, the retrieval process is far from it!

It’s NOT for everyone.

What really helps though is to do the same breathing exercises you would do during dilating, so that your pelvic floor muscles can relax and your vaginal canal can naturally begin to open.

But I know you’re wondering…

Can the balls get stuck up there if you begin to panic and tighten your pelvic floor instead?

The cervix sits at the back of the vagina which acts as a barrier to entry/exit, and it definitely can’t be passed by something like a kegel ball.

So since the balls have nowhere further up to go, it really is a matter of relaxing your muscles as you gently push the balls out.

Now remember…

The balls are NOT meant to be used as an anal toy.

The rectum does not have the back wall as does the vagina, so anything inserted can be impossible to release upon demand.

Ball Sizes

Here are the sizes of the Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls, in diameter:
Ball 1: 1.3″
Ball 2: 1.3″

I haven’t yet ran into a set in which the balls were either too small to be ineffective for strengthening of the pelvic floor, or too large to be uncomfortable. It’s truly the weights of the balls (and HOW you use them), rather than their size that create that workout.


The exerciser balls are made of smooth, body safe ABS plastic which is free of phthalates.


The Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls come in pink and purple colour options.


I found these balls to be wonderful for the purpose of pelvic floor exercises.

But more importantly…

For pleasure!

You see, the sets that have a sleeve in which they sit (and thus a retrieval string) can’t roll around the vagina as well as sets that don’t have this sleeve.

And believe me…

The sensation of the smooth ball rolling around in your vagina is pretty BOMB!

On top of that, the Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls have an inner marble within each exerciser ball, which rolls around and creates an ADDITIONAL pleasant sensation, almost like a gentle vibration.

This creates a sense of anticipation, gentle pressure and an excitement in your pelvis.

It felt like as the ball gently and seductively caressed my inner vaginal wall and I just wanted
to keep moving so it continues!

Price (in USD)

The price for this set is only $7.99, which is among the lowest price points for kegel exerciser balls.


I’ve partnered with Betty’s Toy Box to provide you with a 10% discount! Just use code KATRINWITHLOVE at checkout.

Most sets, albeit they typically come with more than 2 balls, are in the range of $30-60.

What do you think?

Would you be curious to try the Luxe Double O Beginner Kegel Balls?

Are you up for the challenge, in the name of pleasure?

And that’s okay too.

I could not have imagined myself pushing out ANYTHING out of my vagina when I was in the trenches of my vaginismus journey, and even near the end of it.

But whenever you’re ready, to help you find the perfect set for you, I’ve been sure to do my research thoroughly.

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To your pleasure!

– Katrin, with Love