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30 Life Lessons From A 30 Year Old Sex, Love, Relationship & Biz Coach

1. Stop convincing yourself that you don’t want the things you do. Face the risk of failure and rejection that comes with desire.

2. Tears or screams surfacing with your orgasm? This too is a release. Oh and if you end up laughing your head off right after, you’re still doing it ‘right’.

3. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one to yourself and your inner voice.

4. Become aware of how the shitty situations in your life are actually serving you. Understanding the underlying wounds and shadows is a key to shifting your circumstances.

5. What you desire is meant for you. If you take this on as truth, you’re WAY more likely to make your desires a reality.

6. We move towards pleasure or away from pain. Find which mechanism motivates you most and use it to support you.

7. Look with curiosity into the depths of your shadows. Your darkness is the source of your greatest light!

8. Finding safety in surrender is the path to inner peace.

9. Don’t keep a partner around ‘just in case’. It’s not fair. Plus, for your person to find you, you need to create that energetic space first.

10. Expectations lead to disappointment. Keep an open mind and an open heart!

11. If you get upset when someone sets a boundary with you, look at where you don’t feel comfortable setting boundaries with others.

12. If you stop having sex for long enough, your desire will plummet. You may start to feel asexual. If that feels off to you in any way, don’t believe it! Re-introduce erotic pleasure, slowly.

13. When you point a finger at someone, pay attention to the 3 fingers pointing back.

14. Climbing the corporate ladder won’t lead anywhere unless it’s pointed in the direction of your heart!

15. There is a difference between loving someone and being IN love with them.

16. Language creates reality. That’s why it’s called spelling – words cast spells! So pay attention to your inner talk. Would you get slapped in the face if you told a stranger what you tell yourself?

17. Your romantic partner(s) are your greatest mirrors. They are meant to trigger you so you can grow.

18. Do NOT emasculate him. Period.

19. A piece of clothing doesn’t feel comfortable anymore? Donate it!

20. Feeling numb? The extent you allow yourself to feel pain is equal to your capacity to feel sensations of pleasure. Want to feel more pleasure? There’s no cherry picking darling, you have to feel it ALL.

21. The people who told you to forget about your dreams are just trying to make themselves feel better for giving up on theirs. Be kind.

22. You cannot change other people. Are you trying to? Be honest with yourself..

23. Be a lover, not a mother!

24. Look for a part of your life where you’re dropping the ball. Could you be subconsciously waiting to crash and burn so you can blame someone for how ‘it didn’t work out’? How they ‘messed you up’?

25. You are innately deserving of good things. You just have to believe it. And yes, it’s possible to shift your beliefs!

26. If you want your man to be more alpha, stop trying to out-alpha him. Learn to create polarity by finding safety with playing in your omega.

27. Your erotic energy is your creative energy. Feeling ‘meh’ about a creative part of your life? Turn yourself on first!

28. Being vulnerable is a sign of strength.. So is asking for help.

29. The way you see yourself is the way you’ll assume others see you.

30. Notice in what environments and around which people you hold your breath. This is an important clue guiding you on your growth journey!

BONUS: No experience is more ‘spiritual’ than another!

– Katrin, with Love