That Skirt Is Too Short

It’s no surprise that past disappointing experiences associated to your sexual energy have led you to disconnect from your ‘sexy’..

You shrunk it down because you had been subtly (or not so subtly) led to do so.

How so?

🥺 Maybe your dad told you you’re not allowed to go out in a skirt so short..
🤐 Or your mom shamed you for being too loud and expressive..
🤭 A creepy uncle made an inappropriate comment during your puberty days..
🙄 You attracted unwanted attention and touch from a stranger at a bar…
😠 Or you received messages from the media that being sexy meant you’re ‘asking for it’.


You shut down your eroticism to protect yourself from criticism, judgement and abuse. But you lost a part of yourself in the process. That confident, wild and alive part that LOVES to turn heads and take up space.

👉🏻 You see..

A ton of pain and fear may be tied up in your sexual energy.

It’s time to create safety around being, feeling AND expressing your ‘sexy’. It’s time to find safety in the full embodiment of this part of you❗️

Because eroticism is synonymous with aliveness! (It’s your life force, your creative energy.)

And you deserve to feel alive and comfortable in your skin.

– Katrin, with Love