Play All In With Your Erotic Energy

It’s okay to FEEL sexy. And it’s okay to dress the way you feel. 🔥

Halloween should not be the only time of year you give yourself this permission! 

I remember the first time when I had left my scary creations behind and decided to play ALL IN with my sexual energy on this holiday. I claimed it. 👻 🎃💋 

And I invite you to claim yours, in whatever way feels right!

⚠️ By the way…

When I dressed up as a sexy teacher, I wasn’t yet having pleasurable penetrative sex…

I was still experiencing vaginismus – a ‘panic attack in my vagina’ protective body response which made any sort of penetration excruciatingly painful.

But I NEEDED to become fully expressed in my erotic energy to even be able to overcome such an extreme block to my erotic embodiment.

AND I needed to have my own experience with this to be able to support you in navigating the unique challenges in YOUR relationship and love life.

🤔 So..

When you hear ‘sexy’ (or see ‘slutty’ costumes out there) what comes to mind? 

What are YOUR associations to sexual energy? Does it feel heavy? Playful? Dangerous?

– Katrin, with Love