A Game For Little Boys

Do you need me to need you?

That’s a game for little boys..
Mm.. Take a breath and feel the difference.

Like cold hands longing for the places they don’t know yet..
The man in you wants me to WANT you.
But need?
Don’t base our love on desperation.
That co-dependence your therapist can tell you all about..
That mother wound you carry in your bones.

A hint of urgency for your body..
A daily dose of craving for your lips..
A taste of missing when you’re away..
That’s what I can offer you.

And even deeper..
Devotion to your heart..
Surrender to your leadership..
Love for the inevitable changes that we’ll go through.

A commitment.
An undying adoration as the foundation.
Plus the polarity that makes us feel alive.
But no need.
Because I am whole and complete.
And underneath the pain you carry, you are too.

So remember, love.
We don’t need to walk each other home.
Still, I’ll be right here as a witness to every step you take.
That’s my promise to you.


Now read that again not as the lover, but as the boss. Imagine you’re speaking to your business. The underlying message holds true, doesn’t it?  🫦

Tell me what this stirred up in you!

– Katrin, with Love