A Tender Letter To My Partner

The love letter that I wrote you won’t do this feeling justice. Because the love that has grown from the seed of our distant friendship cannot be expressed with words alone..

You were that mysterious, kind guy I occasionally met on the volleyball court.

Now, you’re my everything. ❤️

Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me, challenging me, triggering me and growing with me.. 

For having my back and protecting me always.

Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve. For inspiring my vulnerability and inviting me into feeling fully, without holding back.

For helping me find safety and trust in the ‘heart-wide-open’ kind of connection that had scared me…

Thank you for dreaming with me. For following me in all my crazy adventures and leading the way in the magic that your ‘hopeless romantic’ heart conjures up.

For our spontaneous road trips and random dance parties in the kitchen…

Thank you for prioritizing US above all else. 

For your passion and your silliness… For your bravery in life that has led you to being the man you are today.

I am so proud to call you mine.. And to be yours.

– Katrin, with Love