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Crying During Sex

This morning’s love making session was a tender one. 

As the arousal built up, I sensed suppressed emotion rising up in my heart and throat. Asking to be expressed. 

I followed the body’s guidance, giving space to pain. 

I listened more deeply than I knew how years ago..

Using my voice, I guided my man  to put gentle pressure against a deep spot inside my vagina where the emotion had manifested as the slightest bit of tightness. (Yes, the body’s wisdom shows up in this way!)

I got present to the sensations and concept/memory that rose up into my awareness. 

My body was showing me what I was holding.

Pain from being controlled and silenced, mostly.

I let the emotion erupt and allowed my rawness to be witnessed by my man.

He held me closer. I felt safe. The waves of emotions continued until they transformed into pleasure again and reached their peak. 

A beautiful level of openness.

Openness only accessible on the other side of safety, realness and a vulnerable heart that is devoted to connection.

👑 🌹

Tears during sex was something I used to hide from my partner – I gritted my teeth in PHYSICAL pain and pressed his body to mine to hide my agony.

Since climbing out of my private pain..

I’ve supported women in overcoming painful sex (vaginismus in particular) and have been building this legacy of mine for 5 years. 

This year, I’m bringing more of me to the table.

I’m applying all the wisdom I’ve gathered in my own sexual liberation and business to also support you in building YOUR legacy, while creating the love life and relationship of your dreams. 

Because you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other!

What does sex have to do with business?


Feeling safe being seen in the bedroom supports you in bravely putting yourself out there, professionally.

Expressing your deepest darkest wounds within both your relationship & inside your biz creates bonds within your community that helps people know that YOU are their person.

Your vulnerability is your power.

And inside the business is not where it begins! Deep within your body is.

The bedroom (or wherever you choose to express your eroticism) is the perfect incubator for your unapologetic emotional expression and for your genius.

So keep an eye on this space..

It’s going to be a wild ride! ❤️‍🔥

– Katrin, with Love