Dear Perfectionist

Your ‘push-through’, high performer and perfectionist parts DEEPLY resist celebrating! 

That was soo me! 

I reached each peak and almost instantaneously set my sights on the next one.. Rarely pausing to honour myself, or notice whether the direction I was going was still the one I ACTUALLY desired.

Tons changed when I saw those parts of myself for what they really were – protection mechanisms that were serving me by..

❤️‍🔥 Shielding me from the disappointment I was anticipating  if I ‘failed’ myself..
❤️‍🔥 Keeping tender parts of me safe until they were ready to be expressed.

The high performance rigidity in my life served its purpose!

But what was more divine was its integration into my most authentic self.

The roots of that journey were in erotic healing for me, allowing for the unapologetic embodiment of the playful, silly, seductive AND naughty parts that I kept hidden..

The truth is..

Your business goes through a massive TURN-ON when you claim your sexual liberation!

☄️ You feel safe to have desires, express them and bring them to fruition..
☄️ You are witnessed in your vulnerability and connect more deeply with your people..
☄️ You see rest and play as productive and joyfully surrender to the mysteries of love and life..


You start to celebrate yourself and your clients and give them the same permission slip. You guide them through an initiation of their power, passion and aliveness..


No more need for the protection of perceived perfection.

So here’s to embodying the Liberated & In Love Woman within you – she who channels the expansive energy of her erotic freedom into her legacy. 👑 🌹

– Katrin, with Love