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Do You ‘Should’ Yourself Into Having Sex?

You didn’t feel like it, but you still went ahead with the sex for your partner’s pleasure rather than your own..

Yep.. I’m guilty of this too! 😭

You mask this relationship SABOTAGE as a selfless act of love..

But subconscious resentment subtly builds into an unexplained numbness and eventually your desire for sex is nowhere to be seen.

Your pussy’s fire got doused in a puddle of perceived obligation!! 💦


It is unintentional and..


In your relationship AND your business.

🫦 You disregard your authentic desire..
🫦 You hand over the reigns..
🫦 And you go with the flow of what’s already happening (what ‘worked last time’).

And if you do initiate in the bedroom or with your offers, it’s often based on routine LOGIC (what typically comes next), rather than an illogical force of PASSION (what sets your heart on fire).

So take a moment to declare..

❌ No more going through the motions. 
❌ No more love nor legacy by default..

It’s time to announce a turned-on YES to a life and business by design!

THAT is the way of the Liberated & In Love Woman. 👑 

– Katrin, with Love