Emotional Suppression & Release

The wisdom of your vessel is beyond incredible.

That’s why you’re able to experience highly traumatic situations even and come out fully functional and seemingly unscathed!

Your mind can..
🧠  Make memories temporarily unaccessible..
🧠  Store away scary images UNTIL you’re ready to see them!

Your body can..
👣 Suppress emotions that would otherwise derail you..
👣  Store them deep inside in the form of tension. 

It holds this emotional charge at bay UNTIL you’re ready to feel it. In your back, shoulder, neck, hip, and yes also your vagina!!

Only when you have the spaciousness plus the mental, emotional and physical capacity to feel what you’ve been storing away, your emotions come up to the surface to be expressed and released.

Often at incredibly inconvenient times!

That’s when your truth erupts out of you in whatever intensity matches the magnitude of what you’ve been holding. 

Sometimes, this comes with an awareness about the story behind it and other times you have a good cry and don’t even know why!

When it’s all felt and the event’s cycle has completed..
❤️‍🩹 You might feel a beautiful combination of of fatigue, peace and clarity..
❤️‍🩹 AND a physical relief in the typically achy areas. 

Being human (and especially a multi-passionate entrepreneur)..

Rough times of life are unavoidable! Honouring these moments of turmoil enough to grow from them is key.

My wish for you is that..
✨ You find pockets of space, stillness and presence to tap into the suppressed emotions before they manifest into more serious tension holding patterns or illness. 

(I’ve been there, it ain’t fun!)

✨ You give yourself as much opportunity as possible to feel your feelings real-time, to avoid them getting stored in the body as a snack for later.

Because learning to feel and process life’s pains is the only path to feeling a wide breadth of life’s pleasures. Trying to feel one without the other WILL lead to numbness!

My own journey creating deep emotional presence is what..

👑 Allowed me to face my fears and have the courage to quit my corporate career..
🫦 Helped me release the tension in my vagina and overcome painful sex..
🌹 Led me to having the emotional intelligence necessary the create my most incredible romantic relationship and ecstatic love life yet..
❤️‍🔥 Brought me to a deep level of capacity to support my badass clients with their own sexual, spiritual and entrepreneurial liberation.


You too get to claim your version of all of the above! 💃🏼 

Have you too have become aware your own emotional suppression, even if you haven’t ‘mastered’ conscious release just yet?

– Katrin, with Love