Inner Toddler’s Tantrum

It’s been a tough two days. 

With getting almost no sleep two nights ago, feeling my inner toddler’s tantrum going strong yesterday and being upset my schedule was all messed up.. I am just rising from the ashes.

Having your perceived vision of the future of your partnership go up in flames (at least temporarily in your mind) has the potential of taking you out emotionally for days on end…

Have you been there? (Yeah me too.)

In my experience, it’s..

🌹 Your own growth work..
🌹 The foundation that you created together with your partner prior to the crisis, as well as..
🌹 Your commitment to being the Liberated & In Love Woman..

That will move you through the rocky times and back to smooth sailing.

What will help you evolve as a couple is your bravery to fully process the pain of the wound.. (And don’t forget the past wounds that were triggered – because it’s rarely about THIS instance!) 

And then to choose to LOVE and to forgive rather than to hold a grudge as a weapon for later. Let’s be real – you’ve pulled this trick and so have I.

What will uplevel your relationship is to deal with the chaos as it comes and put your residual anger to good use – smash the sh*t out of the safe that stored your weapon collection!  💣💥

If not, you might get burned in the aftermath..

– Katrin, with Love