The Lover & Muse Within Looks Good On You

You, Liberated & In Love..

Is you, in your power as a lover and a muse.

Is you letting go of the conditioning with which you were raised, as well as the toxic patterns of your past relationships…

So that you stop living a life by default and create it by design. And become excited to invite someone into a reality you already adore!

It’s from this place of freedom that you attract a loving partner.. 

Or inspire (not force!) your current partner to grow with you..

He becomes expertly capable of holding you during crisis and loving the liberated woman that you’ve become. 

The connection is his priority!

He too relentlessly does ‘the work’. He becomes connected to his purpose and clear about what he wants. (seexyy, right?!)

In this world of being both unleashed and understood, you can fully be there for him too.. And you thrive as a power couple for as long as your paths converge.

Being Liberated & In Love looks good on you!

It’s so worth it and it starts with a choice to rise. I invite this part of you to come out to play!

– Katrin, with Love