The Liberated & In Love Woman.

She is a powerhouse who knows what she wants, trusts herself and actively creates magic in her life.

She is a woman who feels an innate sense of power.

Power that allows her to set into motion what feels EXCITING to her. To lead a life and leave a legacy that she is proud of. To trust the desires of the muse within and do her part in bringing them to life!

She feels certain that anything is possible! That she is the creator of her life!

She EMBODIES love. She is madly IN love!

She gifts the world with an open heart and is accepting of everything that she experiences. She looks at the bigger picture of life and finds purpose even in the darkness.

She takes care of her own needs and doesn’t sacrifice her well-being to please others.. She doesn’t settle for less than she deserves!


🌹 Glows with a sense of wonder for the little things! 
👑 Basks in the fullest expression of her authenticity in every moment. 
🌹 Cherishes the connections she has, trusts life enough to relinquish control and looks forward to the mystery that lies ahead.
👑 Knows that her past doesn’t define her, courageously chooses a life by her own design and does the deep work required to create it.
🌹 Makes decisions on the foundation of her high self-worth and the principles by which she chooses to live her life.
👑 Feels deserving of being treated like a Queen. And finds the right King for the honour!

The Liberated & In Love Woman she takes the first step, makes the first move.. And paves the way for others walking this path home to themselves.

She is YOU!

Every moment you let her shine, you give other women permission to do the same. ❤️

– Katrin, with Love