The Mean Girl

The old version of you was a mean girl!

She was so judgemental with herself when she stumbled, said something off, or did something ‘stupid’. She felt the pain of having put herself in a vulnerable position.. And on a subconscious level, largely decided not to go there again! ❤️‍🩹

She found safety in holding a position of CONTROL inside of her comfort zone..

Rather than allowing herself to surrender and play at the edges of it.

The Liberated & In Love Woman inside of you though.. She has the very same experiences AND sees them as amazing moments that led to growth. 👑 🌹 

She loves herself more deeply FOR THEM! She finds the beauty in doing something imperfectly and is happy with being vulnerable, or even feeling ’embarrassed’ again – in the name of impact, adventure and growth..

The Liberated & In Love Woman part of you.. 

Is asking you to let go of the pain of the past.

And to play ALL IN again. 💃🏼 

She is desperately hoping that she’ll see you at the edge of the proverbial cliff of your comfort zone.. AND she promises to help you fall in love with the ‘high’ of the unknown! The magic of surrender.

Do you like the sound of that adventure!

– Katrin, with Love