The Powerless, Stuck & Resentful Ice Queen

The flavour of the chaos I ultimately burned myself with in a previous relationship is the one I’m getting a taste of this week. The question of ‘can I trust him?’ being at the forefront of this story, with of course the details of ‘what happened’ being different (and quite frankly irrelevant). 

The uncomfortable truth is that..

👑 The theme of trust, lost trust and rebuilding trust is a massive one in romantic relationship.

Where the feminine being needs an unwavering sense of trust to truly feel safe in the arms of her partner.. And the masculine partner feels loved and honoured only WHEN she trusts and surrenders to him.

Lost trust throws off the carousel completely. 

Her distancing layered on his distancing is a recipe for disaster!

So after giving myself time to feel, to process (and yes also to rage), within two days, I chose..

❤️‍🩹 To move on from the story..
❤️‍🩹 Communicate without reaching for the weapons..
❤️‍🩹 Make space for resolution..
❤️‍🩹 To trust again.

I chose to embody the Liberated & In Love Queen rather than the Powerless, Stuck and Resentful Ice Queen. (And again, not before giving the Ice Queen her time to shine in her expression – doing this without adding fuel to the fire is both an art and a science!)

– Katrin, with Love