The Purpose Of Life

I believe that part of the purpose of life is for us to grow..

And to step into the best version of ourselves.

And if that’s true, then it might be helpful to know – what are the moments that actually facilitate a large amount of growth? What are the opportunities for growth that we have?

In my experience..

The moments in which we grow the most are those in which we find safety in vulnerability.

When we’re vulnerable, what we’re essentially doing is making the conscious decision to walk out to the edge of our comfort zone and to stay there. To play on the edge.

🚫 ..Where it feels scary.
🚫 ..Where we look over the proverbial cliff and we notice the butterflies in our stomach.. The discomfort.

And we make the choice to do the thing anyway.

That may be the vulnerable expression of love to someone.. It may be allowing ourselves to open the doors to a wounded place of our heart that we had kept hidden for too long.. Or it may be giving another go at something that was associated with pain before.

When we do this in a nourishing way, we find safety there. 

We find safety in vulnerability and we expand our capacity to hold more sensation and emotion. 

So I invite you to reflect..

Though they were also emotionally taxing, how were moments of vulnerability were essential to your growth..

In what context of your life HAVE you found safety in vulnerability? 👏🏻

In which areas could you practice expanding your capacity to hold the physical and emotional sensations OF vulnerability? 

Because outside of the mental construct (the story) that ‘being vulnerable is scary’, all that’s left is the embodied experience of those vulnerable sensations. And you CAN learn to hold more sensations – grow your container of what you can hold and watch how what used to overwhelm you doesn’t anymore! 🌹

– Katrin, with Love