The Sound Of Crickets To Your Content

You’re an entrepreneur putting your life’s work out there, but no one is interacting. You express. But crickets.

Consider this experience a test of whether you’re actually doing this FOR YOU.

Life is asking you to cut ties to external validation!

I know.. You didn’t choose to get tied down in this way. It happened subconsciously!

Like a tick that latched on unnoticed the moment an adult modelled that you should care what people think, your dependence on another’s opinion tripled in size feeding on your subtle insecurities.

And with the years, this way of being became harder and harder to shake off.

No matter how deep this pattern goes, now is your time to rediscover the passion and purity of your expression! The one you experienced when you were putting on a talent show for your dolls and your joy was not dependent on a round of applause of any kind.

It’s time to express yourself simply for this purpose!

Using your voice! Turning yourself on.. Getting excited IN the process of creation – not what might come on the other side of that.

Not ‘being heard’..
Not ‘being seen’..
Not even ‘being liked’.

Simply connecting to YOU.

That connection will lead you deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of your authenticity. To finding YOUR unique signature. 

And from that place of devotion and trust, when you expect it least..

You’ll notice people noticing. But no longer will that be the reason you create. 🌹


…And yes, there are so many strategy-related aspects of your business to take into account – let’s not underestimate the importance of the world beyond ‘getting in alignment’!

Still, ignoring the principles behind the strategy is like wearing a lifejacket without filling it with air. A sure way to sink the ship that is your business.

– Katrin, with Love